Geegeez Tipping: A Bit of (Eye-Opening) Fun…

Regular readers will know that has two daily tipping services, Monday to Saturday. They are called Stat of the Day and Double Dutch. Gold subscribers will know that both are impressively profitable.

To illustrate that, the bottom line to the end of June 2015 is +423.94 points. Or, in money terms, £8,478.80 at £20 level stakes. Nice.

[In case, you’re wondering, July is in profit already to 17.28 points – or £345.60 at £20 level stakes – in front 😀 ]

Here at geegeez, we’re solid advocates of fun, controlled (profitable!) betting. Which is why we always advise one point level stakes on Stat of the Day; and 4 x 0.5 point doubles in Double Dutch. That’s a total outlay of three points daily.

So, for instance, if a point for you is £10, we’d advise a £10 bet on Stat of the Day, and 4 x £5 doubles on Double Dutch: total outlay is £30 = three £10 points.

Since we introduced Double Dutch to the portfolio, profits have ramped up markedly as you can see from the chart below.

Very healthy profits from geegeez tipping…


Double Dutch joined the party in September 2013 and, in less than two years, has put nigh on 130 units of profit into the pot. Or £2,600 at those £20 stakes. Allied to Stat of the Day’s 310-odd points (or £6,200), that’s pushing nine grand.


As exciting as those numbers are – and, believe me, in strike rate and ROI terms as well as profitability, they are scintillating figures – an email I received triggered a little bit of fun. Here’s the message I received:

Percentage of bank = big profits

Percentage of bank = big profits

Pretty cool, huh? A… clueless, I think it’s fair to say… punter has made almost four grand since January. And that’s only following Stat of the Day, and only using one bookmaker (in other words, not getting the best of the prices!!!)

That got me thinking. What if users had started with, say, a £1000 bank and bet a fixed percentage of it on each selection?

For example, let’s say we bet just 1% of £1000 (i.e. £10) on each selection in month one. Then, in month two, we bet 1% of the month one total; then 1% of the month two total in month three, and so on.

Taking that approach would have seen an initial bank of £1000 converted into a pot of £36,408.70. Crikey!

Your first 30 days for just £1

Of course, there would have been some minor bumps along the way, but with an average strike rate of around 30% across the two services, 1% is a pretty conservative staking plan.


Buoyed by this academic ‘win’, I plugged in some bigger percentages, just for kicks. 2% of £1000 (i.e. £20 stakes) in month one, would have meant stakes in July 2015 (i.e. the latest month) of £9,182.83 on Stat of the Day, and 4 x £4,591.42 doubles for Double Dutch. That’s from a balance at the end of June of £459,141.51!

Now, obviously, you’re never going to get those stakes on. Nor even, most likely, 10% of them. But it does illustrate in striking fashion the consistent profitability of the Geegeez tipping services.

And there’d be absolutely nothing to stop you from drawing a few grand out each year, and playing up the rest of the bank on SotD and DD.


I went further, and looked at 3%, 5% and – gulp – 10%. Bumpier rides were the order of the day, as you can see from the chart below.

Mental (like, bonkers) arithmetic

Mental (like, bonkers) arithmetic

The long and short is that 3% moved the bank to a notional balance of £554,601.53 at the end of June 2015; 5% to £745,521.58; and 10% to £1,222,821.68.

But at 10% you’d have lost your bank five times. I have, naturally, reverted to Tony in the above email to point out that I’d recommend 2%, and no more than 3%, for his friend to keep the bank safe.

Heck, even at 1%, you’d be trying to get bets of £364 on Stat of the Day each day by now!!


Where does all this blue sky accounting get us, exactly?

Well, the first thing it gives us is a choice: with a hit rate of around three-in-ten winning bets, a percentage of bank approach is sustainable, and 2% per bet (risking 6% per day across Stat of the Day and Double Dutch) looks optimal.

The second thing it is likely to give us is a headache: bookies don’t really like odd numbers, so you might be advised to round your monthly stakes up or down to a more ‘normal’ looking number. More than that, though, bookies don’t like consistent winners and, despite shopping around for prices and spreading our wagering activity as a consequence, we’re likely to get accounts closed, or restricted to the point of uselessness.

But fear not, for there are ways to prolong the life a betting account; and there are ways of opening additional accounts in support of your profitable activity. Such ways are not for this post, but suffice it to say that the successful medium-staking punter will spend a majority of his or her time trying to get bets on.


What I’m trying to tell you is that this is some seriously good stuff. And, currently, 58.33% of it is free.

That’s because Double Dutch is free at the moment, and Stat of the Day is free on Mondays.

It has been that way since forever, but lately – and for obvious reasons – Double Dutch has become a good bit more popular. Clearly, I have a duty to protect prices for paying subscribers first and foremost. After all, without them, there is no Double Dutch; no Stat of the Day; no free racecards.

I am almost certainly going to move Double Dutch into the free registered user space. And I’m likely to do that in the next fortnight. What does that mean? Primarily, it means it will still be free if you’re registered on geegeez. For now at least.

Since I’ve moved more racecard content into the ‘everyone’ space by making the free cards available to casual site visitors, I’ve been keen to move to incentivize site registration.

Blah blah fishcakes, as a friend of mine likes to say. All it means for you is that soon you’ll need to be a registered geegeez user to get Double Dutch access. No biggie, and 95% of you already are. If you’re not, do it now, my friend…  do it now!


…and get loads of cool free stuff every day.


And, if you don’t need convincing because you’re already benefitting from Geegeez tipping (and its racecards, and its form tools, and its reports, and…) then you might be interested in one of just eight LIFETIME subscriptions I’m making available today.

If you are, the button below is all you need for a fat saving and Gold for life. Be quick though, they’ll probably go rapidly.


[STOP PRESS: Sorry, these ‘officially’ sold out at 5pm. I did let another couple in Tuesday evening to be fair to ‘the workers’. Sorry if you missed out this time.]

Whichever way you cut it, Geegeez has plenty of value for everyone. I hope you’re enjoying it 🙂


p.s. Since I wrote this post, and before I emailed you about it, Double Dutch has notched a 21.75/1 double. A two point bet at £10 stakes (4 x £5) would have netted £113.75, and covered a quarter of a Lifetime subscription, just like that.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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