Monday Musings: A Big Week…

The potential Juddmonte International field...

The potential Juddmonte International field…

It’s going to be a big week, dear reader, for a number of reasons, principally of course the race of the season so far.

All the big guns stand their ground for Wednesday’s Juddmonte International, meaning it will be a true race to savour.

Derby and Coral-Eclipse winner, Golden Horn takes on dual 2000 Guineas (and quadruple Group 1) winner, Gleneagles; ultra-impressive Royal Ascot winner, Time Test; and bombproof older horses, The Grey Gatsby (2nd in this last year) and Criterion (one of the very top Southern Hemisphere horses).


York’s Ebor meeting runs from Wednesday to Saturday, with the Ebor Handicap, Europe’s richest, bringing down the curtain on a thrilling four days, where we’ll have full big race previews on geegeez for the first three.



Geegeez Gold subscribers will be looking forward to the meeting as much as the next man or woman, but they know that value is found on all floors of racing’s daily department store, something recent days have epitomized as strongly as ever.

Gold’s flagship tipping service – which is free on Mondays and can be found today, here – is having an annus mirabilis, standing as it does on the brink of 100 point profits for the year. The breakdown is thus:

Week +6.5
August +18.75
2015: +99.72
All time: +327.41 (since November 2011, when SotD started)

That’s from a single one point bet Monday to Saturday. And, remarkably, last week’s profit haul guaranteed a profit for the whole of 2015 even if every single bet for the rest of the year is a loser! A guaranteed profit in the middle of August!!!

That incredible performance has been further embellished by SotD’s ‘little sister’, Double Dutch.

Double Dutch has made a profit of 24.78 points so far in 2015, bringing its overall tally to 112.7 points.

Across the pair, then, that’s 440.11 points profit since we started these daily (Monday to Saturday) pieces. Or, in plain English, £4,401.10 profit to £10 stakes. Or £2.75 north of ELEVEN GRAND to £25 stakes.

Those are headline figures in anybody’s books, and perhaps (read, almost certainly) I should be trumpeting them louder and charging a lot more. But that’s not really the geegeez way, and nor will it ever be under my stewardship. Gold still costs the relatively piffling sum of £24 a month, or £197 a year (£16 a month).

I say ‘relatively’ because if twenty-four’s are hard for you to come by then I don’t want to sound dismissive. But, in the context of that level of performance, I can tell you that others – including the most famous tipping brands in racing – charge £97 a month. And that’s just for their tips, which can’t achieve the same level of profitability – or return on investment – as ours.

Gold also comprises cards and form tools which have been built to ‘shortcut’ the thinking processes. Again, plain English is called for. What we’re trying to do is take raw horse racing data, and convert it firstly into information, but then – importantly – distil it into knowledge.

For instance, look at that Juddmonte racecard again:

The potential Juddmonte International field...

The potential Juddmonte International field…

Ignoring the series of icons under a horse’s name, all of which impart reams of knowledge about that runner and its connections, let’s just look at the trainer column on the right hand side.

See those green numbers? I use these personally as a cornerstone of my betting. “Is a trainer in form?” is the question they’re attempting to answer. We can see that John Gosden has the full set of 14/30/C1/C09+ indicators.

That tells me straight away that he has good current form (14 day and 30 day), and good long term course form (one year, and since 2009). In other words, respect his team.

Now, if I want to know chapter and verse on Johnny G’s form, I can click the trainer icon under one of his horses. Doing that will reveal the following:

John Gosden's form, sliced four ways

John Gosden’s form, sliced four ways

We now have the constituent breakdown for those four indicators, inline right in the racecard. For each trainer, Gold cards display 14 day, 30 day, course 1 year and course 2009+ form figures… for both trainer and jockey. Pretty neat, huh?

And here’s the really, REALLY cool part…

…this inline trainer/jockey information is free to EVERYONE, every single day on every single race!

If you currently use another free racecard, I’d love to know what it is that takes you there rather than to geegeez (so that we can potentially enhance and improve still further our offering 🙂   ).


As well as the cards and the tips, Gold also has some incredible tools and reports. Everybody uses Gold differently, and there’s certainly no ‘right way’ to use it.

Your first 30 days for just £1

In fact, scores of people only subscribe for the tips and never ‘get their hands dirty’ with cards, tools and reports. That’s absolutely fine, of course, and as I’ve said they’re getting incredible value purely in that context.

But for those that like to engage with the puzzle, there is a goldmine of knowledge knuggets to be harvested.

Again, personal tastes dictate how the content is used, but I wanted to show you a few of the reports I use, from yesterday’s racing. Granted, it was an above average day, but by no means an outlier.

I start off with The Shortlist, as close as we have to a tipping report. Here’s yesterday’s:

A pretty 'average' day for The Shortlist

A pretty ‘average’ day for The Shortlist

In truth, it was a fairly unspectacular day for The Shortlist.

That said, the highest rated horse, Collen Beag, with a score of 13 (out of a possible 15), won. At 4/1. Of the 11’s, Sureness was brought down very early on, having been well backed (including by me, sigh); Prince Connoisseur was 2nd, Togoville was 3rd (at a big price, I backed that one each way); and Patsio was disappointing, again having been well backed (including by me, sigh).

This report flags up ‘live’ ones, and it usually beats the market, which means it flags up ‘live value’ ones.

Oh, and it’s free to registered free subscribers on Tuesdays. If you’re not already registered, click here to put that right. Takes no more than 30 seconds.


Next up on my report preferences is TJ Combo – free for registered free subscribers on Saturdays. I am especially keen on the 14 day and Course 2009+ views. It is one of the most consistent winner-finders in the entire Gold service. Here is yesterday’s long term view:

TJ Combo: Winners, placers and plungers

TJ Combo: Winners, placers and plungers

It was actually a really good day to showcase the report. Here’s why:

 – A Slattery/DP McDonogh had a well backed winner in Sors, who eventually returned at 15/2. Sharjah ran no sort of race for the same TJ (trainer/jockey) Combo.

 – Mrs J Harrington/S Foley combined with Ms Brinkleys, who finished 3rd at 3/1. However, what was remarkable about this was that I backed it each way at 10/1, which was generally available (indeed, earlier birds than me took 12’s).

 – G Pakidis (who?!)/G F Carroll had Togoville, a horse that also appeared on The Shortlist. He was 14’s early, I backed him at 12/1, and he ran 3rd at 11/1 for another nice place return.

Again, this report has far more spectacular days than yesterday, but I thought the different events surrounding horses flagged up might be more interesting than a pure hype-y ‘look at all these winners’ day. (Believe me, there are plenty of those too!)


Next up, and probably my favourite of all, is the Trainer Handicap 1st Run [Code] report.

Fresh from nailing 9/1 (from 11/1) Western Way on Saturday night (which helped me scoop £570 for a £20 placepot bet, gloat gloat), the report had just two entries against my filters across all four date range options.

[Note, I do vary my filters on this report a little, as I’m always looking for a horse that could be about to show more as a result of running for the first time in a handicap].

Here’s the 1 Year view:

Jeremy Scott and Nick Scholfield combine well...

Jeremy Scott’s handicap first timer…

Miss Serious won by four lengths at odds of 4/1.

And here’s the 2 Year view:

Ger Lyons da man...

Ger Lyons da man…

Intisari won by four lengths also, in a competitive big field flat handicap, at odds of 12/1.

I would normally back both of these, but yesterday I didn’t back either. Sigh. As a point of interest, even when I miss winners such as these, I get a tremendous amount of satisfaction from knowing that some Gold subscribers would have been led straight to them, and may have backed them accordingly.

This is precisely what I mean when I say that Gold takes raw data, and converts it first into information but then into knowledge. Looking at a conventional racecard, you would have absolutely no chance whatsoever of knowing about Ger Lyons’ excellent record with handicap first timers.

I’ve written on the subject of handicap first timers at great length previously. This post is highly recommended, and so is this one.

Incidentally, remember the green trainer and jockey form indicators from earlier? Gold subscribers see an HC1 indicator next to a horse that is in a handicap for the first time in that race code, so such animals are always flagged up as worthy of closer consideration. Yet another ‘instant’ piece of knowledge in the Gold arsenal.


I also look at both the Trainer Change and Trainer 2yo 1st Time reports daily. There was nothing to note on the TC report yesterday, aside from a 20/1 Brian Ellison runner (we also flag TC’s on the racecard for Gold subscribers), but the 2yo report had two entries:

Two out of two is all right!

Two out of two is all right!

Richard Fahey has been a constant source of winners on this report all season, and regular users know his juvenile first timers are backable blindly. That’s knowledge, not information, or data. What’s really interesting is that quite a few of these have been weak in the betting but still won!

Appleton added to the trainer’s fine Pontefract record yesterday, winning as the 11/4 favourite. Paul Deegan is a very good trainer of two-year-olds too, and he fired in Well Caught at 7/2, to take his Dundalk record with such runners to 33% winners.

A tidy little 16/1 double from the only two qualifiers on the report.


Geegeez Gold has been designed to appeal to punters of all experience levels, and regardless of your available time to look at the racing.

Beginner and/or busy? No problem, Stat of the Day is for you. As is Double Dutch and, perhaps, The Shortlist report. And, though I haven’t mentioned it here, when you have a few minutes check out the Instant Expert tabs on the racecards – they’re very cool and as easy to use as a set of traffic lights.

More experienced but still short on time? Whizz through the reports, and check out recent form via the green racecard indicators. It’s what I do most days when I don’t have the luxury of a couple of hours to pore over the cards.

More experienced with more time? Pace, Full Form Filter, speed ratings, the reports, inline form (including ‘Then What?’ form follow), breeding/sales data… treat yourself!

After a quieter time recently on the feature development front, we have plenty planned for the last quarter of the year. But we’re conscious not to clutter the layouts (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, as a smart but linguistically challenged somebody once said).

And we’re committed to only providing content which can be consumed as knowledge rather than data or information. That may seem like a subtle nuance at first thought, but it’s actually what differentiates Gold cards, tools and reports from anything else out there – in the UK and Irish racing space at least.

Gold is immense value and, even when the subscription fees go up slightly in the near future, it will still be immense value (just £2 staked on every Stat of the Day in 2015 would have paid for an annual subscription, and £4 on each would have covered a (not currently available) Lifetime sub!).

If you’re an existing subscriber, you will never pay more than you currently do for Gold for as long as you remain a subscriber, and that’s a promise.

If you’re not currently a Gold subscriber, you can take a 14 day trial for a fiver, here:

You can subscribe here

[Free registered users should log in first, please, to frustration and admin for both of us! 😉 ]

Or, if you want to know more, try the following links:



Form Tools


What our users think


Finally, depending on when you read this post, you may or may not be aware of some interesting news regarding betting on racing in UK and your humble scribe. I can’t say any more at this moment, but I will have a few further words on the matter tomorrow. I’m delighted to be able to represent geegeez readers, as well as myself, in this potentially breakthrough opportunity.

It’s going to be a big week…


Your first 30 days for just £1
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