Known Racecard Issues Bulletin

On Monday of this week we migrated to a different – better, supposedly – server at our UK hosting providers. Sadly, despite being asked the precise question, they failed to tell us that there were some configuration differences on the new box.

Those differences have led to a diminished level of service for Geegeez Gold users, for which I’m extremely sorry. In this post, I want to flag a couple of known issues, so you are in the picture as to where we are.

The general theme of the issues is ‘duplication’. For whatever reason – currently under investigation – we are seeing duplicate data in some places.

Full Form Filter

The Full Form Filter is currently displaying incorrect summary Race Record data, as per the below:

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The workaround is to select a filter. For example, selecting FLAT for the above present the correct filtered data, as follows:


Trainer Change

Trainer Change indicator has been removed from the cards for now, as it was causing multiple duplicate runners to display. I’m frustrated at not being able to display this information currently, but there was no real choice.

For the same reason, the Trainer Change report is currently out of action.


There are a few other minor issues not worth flagging here, and we believe they are all related to the same issue. Currently we’re looking into moving our database to another hosting company we use which actually has a more powerful dedicated server.

The issues are compounded by the fact that it’s been a very trying week for me personally, as I alluded to briefly last week and will not mention again; and the fact that I’m in Ireland now, supposedly on holiday. Sadly, that’s not working out very well either. But enough of my woes, I do hope the issues above are not disrupting your enjoyment of Gold significantly – all other aspects of the service are working normally.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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