Double Dutch Monthly Update : October 2015

Double Dutch

Double Dutch

Double Dutch Monthly Update : October 2015

Every day on the Double Dutch, we give you the running total of where the service stands with regards to winners, strike rates, profit/loss and the ROI, but we think it might be handy for you (whilst possibly a rod for our own backs!) to have a review of the previous month to see the current form.

So, this is how October 2015 panned out for us…

We had 27 days of action (we take Sundays off!) and after 2 of our selections became non-runners, we were left with 106 selections, of which 26 were winners at a strike rate of 24.53%. And this is quite a bit lower than our overall strike rate, as you’ll see shortly, probably by about four winners less than expected.

Our 26 winners over 27 days could therefore have manifested itself into no winning doubles at all, if we’d been really unlucky or a maximum of 13 winners, so our 8 successful doubles is a decent return, but at 29.63% comes in a little short of our cumulative strike rate which even after a bad month still stands at 34.14%.

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Overall this meant we made a 12.98pts loss, but in true geegeez style, we’ll still publish these figures! The problem wasn’t so much the lack of winning doubles, but the prices on our winning days were a touch shorter than usual.

We staked 54pts across the month and our returns of just 41.02pts made for a loss of some 12.98pts at an ROI of -24.04%, but despite this setback, we still enter November with 101.64pts of somebody else’s money to play with.


October :

26 winning selections from 106 = 24.53%
8 winning bets in 27 days = 29.63%

Stakes: 54.00pts
Returns: 41.02pts

P/L : +-12.98pts (-24.04% ROI)

And Overall :

713 winning selections from 2558 = 27.87%
226 winning bets in 663 days = 34.14%

Stakes: 1325pts
Returns: 1426.64pts

P/L : +101.64pts (+7.67% ROI)

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