Bringing You What You Asked For (Help Needed)

Last week I asked you three questions. More than 500 of you were kind enough to take time to reply. And your answers are below.

Your answers to my questions...

Your answers to my questions…

The three questions were about editorial, free registered content and Gold content. And the good news is that we’ll be looking to respond to all of your #1 answers in the coming weeks.

However, on the subject of editorial, I NEED YOUR HELP (again). Here’s why: I have a couple of ideas regarding people who fit the bill as potential new geegeez writers, but I don’t get as much opportunity to survey the scribbling landscape as I once did. So, conscious that 6000 eyes are better than two (!), I’d love to know whose racing thoughts you enjoy reading.

As you can see from the image above, we’re looking for a particular sort of content. The world is more awash with racing writers than ever, but most of them operate either in the ‘tell you what you pretty much already know’ or the ‘romanticize the drama’ spaces. Both are readable enough in small doses; neither are what geegeez is about, nor what you asked for in the survey.

No, what we’re looking for is something a little more difficult to come by. I want your suggestions of writers who are:

Your first 30 days for just £1

– Contrarian
– Fact-based / data-driven
– Eloquent
– Topical
– Unafraid to challenge the ‘establishment’

That, naturally, narrows the thousands down to, well, I’m not sure, but it’s unlikely to be more than a handful. Examples on geegeez currently would be the likes of Tony Keenan and, occasionally, yours truly. With your help, we’ll track “racing’s most readable” down and maybe add them to the geegeez roster.

They might currently be writing for a mainstream print publication, a niche print publication, online for a big name, online for a no name, or simply on their own blog. Or… they might be you!

Whatever, if you know of someone that could fit this quite tight remit, please leave a comment below, and help us in the search for a (contrarian eloquent super)star. Don’t be shy – there are no wrong or right answers, and the more options the better.

It has always been the intention of geegeez to publish great content, the like of which is not found in too many other places. With your help, we’ll extend that intent a little bit further.



p.s. on the data side, we’ll be offering Tracker functionality to ALL registered users in the near future. We’ll also be ordering your tracked items in alphabetical order; and we’ll hopefully be including your Tracker notes within your daily emails.

p.p.s. For registered Gold users, we’re aiming to have actual vs expected included in reports this side of Christmas, as well as a few more pleasant (we hope!) surprises.

p.p.p.s. I have read all of your ‘Other’ comments – thanks a lot for those. Some of them will be introduced, a couple even referenced in the first p.s. above!

p.p.p.p.s. Writers. Pithy, interesting, thought-provoking racing writers. Who do you like? Please leave a comment below so we can enhance the author team. Thanks again. 🙂

Your first 30 days for just £1
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