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I asked you what you wanted last week, and you, dear reader, replied. As a reminder, this is what you said.

On the subject of editorial, over 65% of you said you wanted more “thought-provoking articles based on data”. So, I am currently pursuing a few lines of enquiry around that request.

More immediately, I’m very pleased to welcome back Mal Boyle, author of nine books on placepottery, for a daily placepot data bank. Mal rejoined us on Wednesday, and the latest of his pieces can be found here.

On a daily basis, you’ll find Mal’s posts on the Horse Racing Tips page, and also at the top right of the revised home page layout.


Next up, I asked what additional content I could offer to free registered subscribers. The majority vote, in a close run thing, was for the Tracker to be available to all registered users on geegeez. Well, your wish is our command. That’s done as of right now.

To access Tracker, just click the link in the menu bar. Details on how to use it (it’s pretty simple!) can be found from page 46 in the Gold User Manual.

But we didn’t stop there with our Tracker enhancements. Oh no. A few of you asked for tracked items (horses, trainers, jockeys) to be stored in alphabetical order. Perfectly reasonable request, so that’s now done.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Moreover, a couple of Gold users have recently requested that their notes be displayed in the Tracker emails they receive. Again, hey presto, that’s now done. Here’s an example of my latest Tracker email:

New Tracker Emails now include user notes

New Tracker Emails now include user notes


One thing to say on the subject of the Tracker is that if you’re currently using it, your tracked items may have seemed to ‘disappear’ in the last day or so. Don’t worry, they haven’t. And the resolution should be very simple. Pressing the F5 key when in Tracker – to refresh the page content – should sort it.

If it doesn’t, the (only very slightly longer) alternative is to clear your browser cache. Details on how to do that are here.


And thirdly, I asked Gold users which of a range of enhancements they’d like to see added first. 40%, more than twice the next highest, said you’d like ‘actual versus expected’ added to reports. In case you’re not aware, here’s the example of this I used last week:

Trainer James Fanshawe has had 67 AW winners from 302 runners at Kempton since 2009. The sum of the odds in decimal [using the equation 1/(Odds+1), for instance 3/1 = 1/(3+1) = ¼ = 0.25] of those 302 runners was 51.9.

Therefore, Actual / Expected = 67 AW winners / 51.9 cumulative odds using equation above = 1.29

This has been promoted to the head of our new development list, and it’s a list which has plenty of cool new features for Gold users. No estimate for when this will be live yet, but I hope to have a view by the end of the week on that.


Finally, you may have noticed that geegeez.co.uk is a bit quicker today. And, of course, you may not. Prior to Wednesday of this week, the average home page – which does pull in a LOT of content from various places – load time was almost five seconds. In today’s web world, that’s a week, and way too long.

Well, now the home page loads (for most European, including obviously UK and Ireland, users) in about 1.5 seconds, and the internal pages – such as tips and racecards – in less than a second. That’s pretty cool and, in truth, was well overdue. It should make your visits to geegeez.co.uk a little slicker still than they previously were. 🙂


That’s all for this quick upgrade update. As regular readers know, here at geegeez we are committed to continually improving what we offer racing fans, be that editorial, free tools, or premium content. We invest heavily in upgrading our offering as we strive to make this little independent website the very best horse racing and betting portal in Britain. Stick around, there will be more of the same to share soon!


p.s. we’re also currently working on a complete overhaul of the odds comparison on our racecards. It is the one part of the cards and tools which I don’t believe to be A1, and I intend to address that soonest. We’ll be checking for odds updates every minute, storing a history of price movements, and introducing more bookmakers – as many as 20 – to the grids. As now, you’ll be able to click individual odds to be redirected straight to the bookie in question, or simply click the ‘best odds’ column for your fancy. I can’t wait.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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