Place Bet Profits Auto Bot Review

Introduction / The PlaceBetProfits System

A couple of years ago, we reviewed a new system called PlaceBetProfits. During our 60 day review it did pretty well. In fact, this very low risk strategy netted £162.70 without ever putting the bank under any stress at all. What’s more, it had a 72.22% strike rate.

You can look at our review of the system here.

The system cost £40 per month at that time, and was very popular. Hardly surprising, because its cautious percentage of stake approach managed to turn a £500 starting bank into over £17,000.

£17,202.02 to be precise.

And you can now download the system for free, here.

As with all systems, and indeed all services – or even one’s own betting methodology – the one thing which has to be invested is time. It takes roughly 20 minutes a day to go through the cards and find qualifiers. Not terrible by any means, but those minutes soon become hours, then days.

In fact, if one spent 20 minutes checking for qualifiers every day for a year (excepting the three days when there’s no racing), one would cumulatively spend just over five DAYS a year checking! If that sounds bad, then the profit to be gleaned from it – based on recent history – would justify the effort.

But what if there was a way you could get the benefit of the approach without the daily chore of finding the picks? What if the whole thing could be automated? Well, guess what? I know you’re ahead of me here… now it has been!

And it hasn’t been automated by just any Tom, Dick or Sally. No, it has be robotized by an accredited Betfair software developer. And not just any Betfair accredited software developer either. Oh no.

This very cool piece of software has been hand-crafted by the very man who built the racecards, reports and form tools. Nige is his name, and I keep him locked away in a pretty corner of South Cumbria, from where he produces all sorts of wizard solutions.

I’ve been working with Nige for eight years now, and he’s a great guy who produces great automated solutions, as Gold subscribers will attest. 🙂

Place Bet Profits Auto

To the software, and what it can do for you…

Step one: you install it on your computer – in about 30 seconds flat – and then you register your license key.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Step two: you choose what stakes you want to use; whether that’s absolute stakes or percentage of bank; and whether you want to run the software in simulation mode or live. (Yes, it has a simulation mode, meaning you can try it out without risking a bean of your bankroll).

Step three: you check the historical bets tab to see how you’re getting on at any point.

Erm, that’s it.

I’ve just started running it in simulation mode on my machine and there’s very little to report at this time. But I’m confident both in the underlying profitability of the approach and, naturally, the quality of the software solution.

This is a set and forget deal – you set it up, and as long as your computer is running, the software will do its job without intervention.

If you’d had this software when the system was first launched, you’d have turned a bank of £500 into over £17,000 without actually doing anything aside from funding your Betfair account in the first place, and pressing the start button on the software.

Now, obviously, I’m not promising that will happen over the next couple of years. I’m not clairvoyant and nor am I irresponsible. You know as well as I do that betting involves risk, and what has happened in the past – even the very recent past – may not replicate to the same degree in the future.

But this is a very cool ‘no effort’ way to operate a proven low-risk long-term betting system.

How much? And for what?

Nige’s PlaceBetProfits Auto bot costs £79 for a full year. There is no recurring billing, so if you love it and want to use it ongoing, just check in with Nige in a year’s time and get that sorted. Easy. No surprises.

For that you’ll get the system – actually you can download it for free from Nige’s site here – and the software. Plus you’ll receive download, install and license key instructions. They’re all pretty straightforward and, of course, if you have any problems, drop Nige a line. He’ll sort you out tout de suite.

You’ll then have full access to the bot for a whole year, which works out at 21p a day.

In the first year of operation, PlaceBetProfits turned its £500 starting bank into £4,459.91. Which was pretty cool. To say the least.

Again, I’m not promising that will happen during your year running the software. Because I can’t.

And in the second year of operation, that £4,459.91 ‘only’ became £5,959,16. In year three, things went from there to £13,844.19.

This isn’t theory – this all happened, as you can see when you download the system manual.

What now?

Nige is basically giving this away. He’s a software developer, not a marketer; and that’s a real shame because he has created a wizard bit of kit that almost nobody knows about, and therefore that almost nobody is benefiting from.

You can benefit from it. Click here to get your copy, and start putting this to work in the background for you, right now.

Get things set up, click start, and see how you go.

Oh, I almost forgot, it comes with a no quibble two week money back guarantee. So you can try this in simulation mode with that guarantee and, literally, risk nothing.

He’s a very good guy, is Nige.

Do give this a try. Like I say, it’s a slow burner, and in truth, over the course of two weeks you’ll only just be starting to get a feel for the profit potential. But over the course of a year, I’m pretty confident you’ll be wanting to renew that non-recurring subscription!

Click here to read more and to get started.


p.s. these are not affiliate links. Nige has created a brilliant piece of software, and I think a lot of people could benefit from it. So if you decide you want to try it, and then decide you’re going to run it for the year, your gratitude goes entirely to the man who built it.

Check out Place Bet Profits Auto here.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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