Trainer / Jockey Form Improvements

The work to upgrade Geegeez Gold is never ending, and we continue to make small improvements on a very regular basis. The most recent affects the race cards, specifically the trainer and jockey form icons (all users) and the green form indicators (Gold users only).

Course Form 2009+ to Course 5 Year Form

We’ve changed the inline trainer / jockey form view for long-term course form to make it more consistently current. The previous ‘Course Form 2009+’ contained getting on for seven years’ worth of data and, as a consequence, we felt it was becoming less relevant.

So, we’ve changed long-term course form to be a rolling five year period. This is more relevant, and won’t need changing again in the future. Good job.


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A/E and IV

We recently added Actual/Expected and Impact Value figures to our Gold reports (see this post for more on what the numbers mean), and we’ve now added them to the inline trainer and jockey form on the racecards too.



The ‘Sir Clive Sinclair’

Finally, mirroring the change from ‘Course Form 2009+’ to ‘Course 5 Year Form’ in the inline form, we’ve also amended the green form indicator from C09+ to C5 (hence the dubious reference to Sir Clive Sinclair – remember this?!)


These indicators, which show at a glance the trainers and jockeys in form right now (or historically at this track), are for Gold subscribers only.

We hope these changes will add even more value to your Geegeez experience, whether you’re a free or Gold subscriber. And we’re super-excited about what’s coming in 2016. More on that another day!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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