The Top 17 Posts of 2015

It’s that time of year when the media revisit the pick of the year and, here at, we’re no different. So, without fanfare or ceremony, and in date order, here follows seventeen of our best posts from 2015.

January 2015

The Shortlist: A Daily Goldmine looked at how our ‘mechanical tipster’, The Shortlist, had performed since inception. There were some very interesting findings. [Side note: I’m planning a follow up in January on this]

Getting Physical (and Mental) with the Hill’s: An engaging evening with Lawney Hill, point to point trainer husband Alan, and jockey son Joe, revealed all sorts of angles, including some fascinating views on tongue ties and wind ops.

February 2015

Racing Maxims and Methods of Pittsburgh Phil (Part 1): Pittsburgh Phil is considered by many as the greatest horse punter of all time. His talent was way ahead of his late nineteenth century era, and many of the challenges he faced are still prevalent today. This is a fascinating read, and was serialised in two parts. Part 2 is here.

March 2015

How to Spot Improvers in 60 Seconds or Less: In this post, I returned to a favourite theme, that of handicap debutants. In it, I explained the rationale for a new report in the Gold suite, as well as articulating why this is an angle to keep well on side.

A Wind Of Change Blowing Through Racing: Like many, I was vexed by the high profile victories of horses which had looked hitherto not to get home, and who – it transpired – had won after surgical intervention in the form of wind operations. The post sets the scene, explains the procedures and why they’re needed, and looks at the BHA stance on such things. It closes with some recommendations for the future.

April 2015

How a 2yo Gets to the Races: Using video and whatsapp group chat messages, I relate how a two year old I’d bought into went from the sales ring to the racecourse. It’s an interest journey, though I’m sad to report that it was an ill-fated one for our lad, Chasing Tomorrow, who was injured badly on the Curragh gallops and had to be humanely destroyed.

May 2015

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[Free Tool] More (And Better) Winners, Less Time: A video post showcasing a free tool for finding more – and better – winners in less time. Hence the post title!

June 2015

10 Ways (8 Free) That Geegeez Gold Can Help Your Betting: Eight free ways to improve your betting – and your bottom line – using Geegeez Gold. And two paid for ones as well. This is a must read.

Mythbusters: Five Racing Adages Under the Microscope: “Outsider of three”, Don’t bet odds on in novice chases”, “Back the longest traveller”, “Follow a filly in form”, and “The bigger the field, the bigger the certainty”. Five adages we hear often enough, but what do the data say? I peel the onion…

July 2015

Bookies Conning Punters with Rule 4 Manipulation?: As is often the case with bookmaker-related stories, geegeez leads and others follow (sometimes, and in their own time). This subject has been covered more recently by higher profile outlets, but we broke the story back in July.

Geegeez Tipping: A Bit of (Eye Opening) Fun: Yes, this was a little self-congratulatory. But I wanted readers to understand how well we’d been doing with our tips, and what could have been achieved with a bit of blue sky punting.

How To Settle A Dispute with a Bookmaker: I had reason to resort to IBAS, the punters’ arbitration service, this year in a case against totesport. I won. This post explains how, and why, that came about.

Horse Racing Betting 101 – The Best of Geegeez: A sort of ‘Best of’ within a ‘Best of’, this page has a downloadable report with some of the best of geegeez’ betting advice down the years. Well worth a read.

August 2015

Racing and Data Analytics: Tony Keenan was welcomed back in the second half of 2015, and his always thought-provoking pieces covered many areas of punting and data. This one looks at the case for more data in the sport.

September 2015

iesnare: Bookmakers are Spying on You: THE Most Read Post on Geegeez Ever. In just three months, this has been read 32,500 times. If you’ve not seen it, you need to.

October 2015

5 Outrageously Bold Predictions for the Jumps: Another from Tony Keenan, this time cocking a snoop at conventional wisdom. He may end up being wrong on all five predictions, but when you take a contrarian approach – supported by data – it can pay big dividends in the long term.

December 2015

Is Paul Nicholls’ Star on the Wane?: Yet again, geegeez spots the trend long before the mainstream media get to the same point. We noted his slump in form, from which Nicholls has yet to recover, a full fortnight before Racing Post caught up.


In a year where we’ve published 1,192,628 words (and counting) to the blog – taking us up to 6,238,649 published words on the site – we hope at least a small subset of them have kept you informed, entertained, and perhaps even in front with your bookmaker.

Here’s to 2016, and a lot more of the same!

Thanks for reading and, from all of the writers at, may we wish you a Happy, Profitable, and most importantly, Healthy New Year.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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