How to Profit from the Cheltenham Festival

The Greatest Show On Turf: How To Profit From The Cheltenham Festival 2016

The Cheltenham Festival is the biggest event in British racing. Across four days in the middle of March, an estimated £200 million will be wagered on 28 races. Many will be winning or losing fortunes; for the rest of us, here is how to stand the best chance of turning a profit at the Festival.


  1. Offers Fill The Coffers

There is fierce competition for business on the opening Tuesday of the Festival, and ALL bookmakers will be making loss-leading offers aimed at getting – and keeping – your custom for the week. Take advantage of as many of these as you can.

The offers can vary from enhanced odds – double or even treble the odds on some horses – to free bets if you’re smart/lucky enough to find a winner. They can all be converted to cash, and it’s worth your time shopping around for the pick of the deals.

Pro Tip: The offers thin out as the week wears on. Tuesday is always the best day for concessions. Wednesday is good, too. Thursday and Friday will see less cut-throat bargaining from the bookies.

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  1. Always ‘Take The Price’

Most bookmakers offer a ‘Best Odds Guarantee’. In simple terms, if you take the available odds when you place your bet and the Starting Price (or SP, returned industry odds) is bigger, you’ll get paid out at the bigger of the two prices.

For instance, if you back a horse at 2/1 in the morning, and it wins at 3/1, you will be paid out at 3/1. For a £10 bet, that’s an extra £10 profit.

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Pro Tip: Use an odds comparison site to find the best early price on your fancy. There is a surprising range of odds on offer about the same horse, and it really can pay to shop around.


  1. Open Accounts for Crazy Offers

If you bet online, or are prepared to, bookmakers will be bending over backwards to accommodate you. While tip 1 above applies to existing accounts as well as new ones, this is all about new betting accounts.

Some firms are offering six, eight, perhaps even ten times the odds on your first bet if it’s a winner; and hugely inflated odds on fancied horses to tempt you in. Regardless of whether you have any intention of betting beyond the Cheltenham Festival, these ‘new account’ offers are like finding money in the street. Don’t walk past it. Pick it up!

Pro Tip: Always check the terms of these offers. Some will pay all of your winnings in cash, others pay in free bets. Free bets can be good if you can find another winner. But nothing beats cash winnings, which can be withdrawn directly from your account.

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  1. Back Some Shorties in an Accumulator

Putting more than one horse in the same bet is called an accumulator, because the winnings from the first selection accumulate onto the second pick, and so on. It used to be a mug bet but, since an Irish trainer by the name of Willie Mullins arrived on the scene, it has started to look more attractive.

Last year, wily Willie had four strongly fancied horses on Day 1 of the Festival. The first three won, with the fourth falling at the last hurdle when leading. That tumble is estimated to have saved the bookies between £50 million and £100 million.

Mullins’ horses again dominate the opening day, with his Min, Douvan, Annie Power (the horse that fell last year) and Vroum Vroum Mag all short prices and so called ‘banker bets’. Backing them in an accumulator currently pays over 25/1, which is a lot better than a top offer of 2/1 about any of them individually.

Even leaving out Annie Power you can get nearly 8/1 for your money.

Pro Tip: With these horses all having had their final preparatory races, this is a bet worth making on the Tuesday morning of the races, or the Monday before. It is very likely bookies will try to ‘get’ the four-timer, and offer an enhanced price about all of them winning.


  1. Have Fun, It’s The Festival!

Not for nothing is the Cheltenham Festival called ‘The Greatest Show On Turf’. It is fiercely competitive, and a tremendous spectacle, with upwards of a quarter of a million people in attendance across the four days.

Regardless of whether you’re heading to the track, watching from the pub or betting at home, keep it fun. Following the advice in this post will help heighten the excitement and offer the best chance of turning a profit. Good luck!

Pro Tip: has reams of information, form, trends and tips for the Cheltenham Festival, most of which is free. Click here to take a look.


And we keep a register of all the best offers. Click here to view it


Your first 30 days for just £1
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