IMPORTANT UPDATE: What’s New and Improved?

As regular readers will know, we’re continually striving to improve the offering on Geegeez. We have a great team of writers catering for a broad range of readers; we have daily tips and pointers; and we have what is arguably the best racecard provision in Britain right now.

But that’s not enough. We want more. So here’s what’s happening on and around Geegeez, either right now or in the near future…


I’m not personally a huge fan of tips and tipsters, preferring to do my own legwork – all the more so since the development of Geegeez Gold stepped up a gear.

But Geegeez is not about me, it’s about you. And thousands of you love horse racing tips. So here’s what we have that you might not be aware of…

All readers can access the Placepot Pointers (and the tipping hints contained therein) from here. Also, on Fridays – ahead of Saturday’s racing – you’ll find TV Trends here.

Gold subscribers have daily access to Stat of the Day, here. But what you might not have known is that there are now three daily tipping threads running in the Gold Forum…

Sinister Horses for Sinister Courses: Mondo Ray has been a Geegeez stalwart since the start, and he posts his ultra-contrarian (big priced) insights on this thread.

Lee’s Value Bets: Lee Braddick is a more recent Gold subscriber, signing up in Autumn last year. He’s been so impressed with the tools, and their impact on his own betting, that he’s started his own value thread. It’s going well, as you’ll see.

Tony Mac’s EW DD: And the latest addition to the forum tipsters is Tony McCormick. Tony has been a friend and colleague for six years, and runs the profitable Irish Big Race Trends service, as well as writing a weekly racing piece for the East Yorkshire daily ‘papers. He’s been proofing an “each way double double” for a month privately, and now we’ve moved it up to the forum as the next stage of that proofing. Tony’s first double double is up today, and Gold readers can see that here.

There is also the possibility of another exciting tipping talent joining the team… I’m not sure if this will happen or not – to be honest, it’s a 35/65 chance right now. But I’m in discussions with a very well known tipster whose record is better than, well, pretty much all of the media pin-stickers. If it does happen, this man’s services will also form part of the Gold provision.


Spreading the Word

Geegeez has grown organically since its inception in 2008, and most¬†readers have stumbled on the site via a google search or word of mouth. But I’m keen to start promoting Geegeez front and centre in the racing space, and that means via horses, trainers and jockeys!

To that end, we have a number of syndicate horses, where regular guys and girls like you and me get to own a piece of a dream; a piece of the action.


We have six syndicate horses at the moment, five of them in training, and one a longer term ‘store horse’ project. And three of them run in the next few days!

Table Manners makes her debut this afternoon. A well bred (by Dutch Art) but backward type, she’s needed time to fill out and is an unraced four-year-old going into this afternoon’s 2.35 Redcar. As an older filly, she has to give a stone to most of her rivals; and she’ll need the experience as well, it being her very first public outing. But we hope that as the season wears on she might make a nice little handicapper, and that she might be up to winning one or two.

The Geegeez Geegee has already won one or two – three in fact – and has been generally very consistent. He is due to make his chasing debut at Uttoxeter on Saturday. The first thing for him will be a clear round: he’s schooled well at home, and his hurdling has always been very good, but this will be a different test so we want him back safe and well first and foremost.

That said, he’s got a chance with conditions expected to suit. Three miles is at the upper end of his range most likely, but he’s won over the trip. The course and grade should be all right too, though as a Saturday afternoon race it’s competitive enough. We’re more hopeful than expectant.

And Nonagon will head for Hamilton on Sunday. Like his half-sister (both out of the mare, Nine Red), Table Manners, Nonagon took plenty of time to get his head around the job. But he was nicely progressive, albeit from a low base, at the end of last season. Indeed, he capped the season with a very easy win in a heavy ground handicap at Nottingham.

This will be his second run of the season, after a promising 2016 bow at Catterick where things didn’t go right for him, and he’s come on a step for that. If there’s a bit of cut in the ground, we’d be pretty hopeful of a big run; and we’d be quietly hopeful that he can step forward a little way this year, too. Time will tell.

We syndicateers also have Dragoon Guard and, next season, East Wing to look forward to.

All Geegeez syndicates are run at cost. I do this because it enables me to spread the word about Geegeez – they all race in the dark blue and white quartered jacket, red sleeves and cap of – and, importantly, because I love the involvement as much as all of the other ladies and gents involved. It is great fun. Frustrating, delighting, full of highs and lows, a perfect microcosm of life itself!

There are no plans for further syndicate horses at this time. But, as and when that changes, you, dear reader, will be the first to know. ūüôā

Your first 30 days for just £1


Trainer / Stable also sponsors a stable, that of up-and-coming Anthony Honeyball. Anthony trains three of our horses – The Geegeez Geegee, Dragoon Guard and East Wing – and also looks after our store horse (by Malinas out of Listed winner, Eleven Fifty Nine).

He’s recently celebrated both his best seasonal tally of winners – 28 and counting – and the birth of his first child, Harry. I’ve told him that success is all down to the sponsor, but I’m not sure he believes me!



And, as I write, the ink is drying on an agreement for a jockey to sport the logo on his breeches, neck roll, and other clothing this season. I can’t say as much as I’d like at this stage, because it’s not quite finalised. But the ‘go live’ date for the arrangement is 10th May, so you’ll be hearing more on this soon.

What I can tell you is that “our” jockey has ridden right on 200 winners on the flat since the start of 2014, including a Group 2 and two Group 3’s. With a bit of luck, we’ll also be doing a fortnightly diary piece with him, keeping you close to the action throughout the season.

It’s my hope that this greater on-course (and on-TV) exposure will lead to a broader awareness of the site, and allow newcomers to discover the benefits of Gold membership, and of the site as a whole, regardless of whether a free or Gold subscriber.


Form Book

Then there’s the form book and race cards.


There is a LOT in development at the moment, including Full Form Filter v2 (FFFv2 for short), which should be live early next week. I’m currently putting it through its paces on various different browsers and mobile devices, trying – and so far failing, thankfully – to break it.

As I say, this should be live early next week, for Gold subscribers. Free (Level 0) subscribers will be able to check it out within the Races of the Day each day. I honestly can’t wait to share this with you!

Sire Snippets

Sire Snippets was the most recent reporting addition to Gold (more info here), and it has been very well received. I get emails every day from subscribers who have backed great-priced winners from Gold (I really should do more with them!!), and this week I had a couple from guys who’d backed 22/1 Punchestown bumper winner, Coeur De Lion, based on his sire’s record.

We’re planning further developments for both Sire Snippets and…

Trainer Snippets (coming soon)

The same concept as Sire Snippets – display the two-year record under various breakdowns – is coming to trainers in the near future. Still in development currently, as a trainer patterns fan, I’m pant-wettingly excited about this one. Honestly, I think it could be the best yet.

Rather than shining a light on trainer habits, this sneaky informant promises to project a full-tilt interrogation beam on them!

Pace/Draw Combo (coming soon)

Another in the development shop currently is pace/draw combo. We’re working on both a data and a visual view of how combinations of run style – led, prominent, midfield, held up – and draw position – low, middle, high – affect race outcomes across different courses, distances and going.

To be completely frank, I’m not sure if this is going to work or not. If it doesn’t, it’ll stay under wraps. If it does, it could be a game changer for ‘two second’ race reading. It’s that latter possibility that has me juiced up!


The Bad News (and The Good News)

The Bad News

The bad news is that it’s time – actually it’s way past time – to raise the price of a Gold subscription. Gold has been set at just ¬£24 a month since May 2014.

During the two years that have elapsed since then, the provision has changed almost beyond recognition. We’ve added a swathe of new features and, as you’ve read, we’re nowhere near done yet.

So, from some time in May (probably nearer the end than the beginning), the cost of a monthly Gold subscription will be £30. A pound a day. A steal, still.

[To add some balance, Computer Timeform costs £102.50/month]

The Good News

The good news is that if you’re a Gold subscriber at the point of the price rise, there is no bad news! We reward our subscribers for their loyalty – after all, it’s your subscriptions that have enabled the continued development of Gold, from which your fellow community members benefit.

So whatever you’re currently paying is the price you’ll always pay, as long as your subscription remains live. If it lapses, you’ll sign up at the prevailing rate.

Fair enough?

The Gooder News

You can still lock in a price that is close to half the new sub, and only two-thirds of the current monthly¬†sub, by upgrading to an annual subscription. That currently costs ¬£197, compared with ¬£24/month (¬£288 annually). That’s a ¬£91 saving instantly.

Upgrade to Annual for Bigger Savings Here

Again, I want to reward your loyalty. Because your loyalty is my development fund! There are so many features you’ve requested, and I’d love to add. We’ve come a seriously long way with this project – you and me, the development guys, your fellow Golders, and the team of writers and reviewers – but there is more still to do.

I’m no megalomaniac, and world domination doesn’t especially interest me – too much time away from the family ūüėČ

But what does float my boat is keeping a promise I made to you when we started this venture back in 2013: to make Geegeez Gold THE best racing form book in Britain. We’ve made serious headway, but it’s a long road.

I’m glad it’s a long road because I’ve learned to love the journey – and to share that journey with you. As wanky as that sounds, it’s absolutely true. We’re doing something very cool here.

No mega-budgets, no venture capitalists, no 50 year brand heritage.

Less than five guys giving the rest of ’em something to think about.

Industry-leading form tools. Beautiful content and feature-rich racecards. Tips that teach. Personal Рand normally very fast Рcustomer care. Horses, trainers, jockeys bearing the torch. Racing writers that racing writers want to read.

That’s your¬†Geegeez. That’s my¬†Geegeez.

Thank you. Here’s to the next block of innovations, opening the door to more value wagers, and good-priced winners. And, whisper it, more fun than you’ll find on other racing websites. Despite what some might have you believe, fun and profit from racing are not mutually exclusive! ūüėÄ


p.s. Here’s that Annual Upgrade link again, in case you need it:

p.p.s. Not aware of what’s inside Gold? Here’s a little insight (needs updating again, more new content, sigh…)


Your first 30 days for just £1
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