[Video] Gold P10 Landing This Week

Later this week, we’ll be releasing Geegeez Gold Phase 10 into live. It is a significant release that includes a number of major upgrades, as follows:

– Sire Snippets inline on the race card
– Sire search / addition of sires to Tracker

– Pace tab displays historical run style performance for course / distance combinations
– ‘Blob’ format offers an at a glance view
– Table shows more detail including place information

– Draw tab now incorporates ‘Actual’ draw, factoring in the absence of non-runners
– Draw also has Draw/ Pace combination views
– Table: sortable data, including win, place, A/E, and IV columns
– Heat Map: at a glance indication of impact of pace and draw in combination

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– Odds style makeover
– Addition of BetVictor to odds comparison

In this video, I walk through the enhancements – check it out! [Click the square box bottom right of video to watch in FULL SCREEN]


I hope you enjoy the new features and, if you have any questions, our e-door is always open.

Best Regards,

p.s. Not a Gold subscriber? Get one week for one pound here.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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