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Followers of Nick Hardman’s Big Race Analysis certainly are, as you’ll now discover in the Geegeez System Trials Roundup to 08/11/2016.

I was away last week (half-term break with the family), catching up on some sunshine, sangria & sleep, so this is a fortnightly roundup, headed once again by Nick Hardman’s Big Race Analysis who amassed another £447.75 profit in the last two weeks, which now takes the running total for this service to £2060.58 (two grand!) in 52 betting days.

Our review is right here and it will tell you that since my last report, Nick was active on 6 days offering up 46 selections. 11 of them (23.91%) of them went on to win and the returned profits of £447.75 equate to an ROI of some 97.34%, so you’d almost doubled your money had you backed them. Big Race Analysis is a service that I can’t recommend highly enough, but it wasn’t our only money maker this fortnight.

In fact, 9 of our 14 active reviews made a combined profit of some £1237.24 and notable mentions should also go to those with the second and third highest profits over that time, starting with Pro Footy Tips who made a late surge adding £155.68 to their bottom line, enabling them to end their 60-days with us in a state of profit after a lengthy struggle.

This late run of form wasn’t enouh to convince our reviewer, Phil, to give it the Geegeez thumbs up, but take a look at the review here and make up your own mind, you might find something to work from.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Our fortnightly top 3 is completed by another familiar face in the guise of Evening Value Service which remains well on course to complete their review with a massive profit, aided by the addition of another £145.55 to their bottom line. And you can see how this was done right here in our review.

Five of our reviews showed a combined deficit of £356.37 over the fortnight and the vast bulk (91.2%) of that was down to just two services and I was surprised to see that it was two of our overall high flyers who’d lost the money.

Value Racing Tips came to the end of their review by posting a loss of £125.00 over the fortnight, but this wasn’t enough to stop them clearing a decent profit from their 60-days with us and showed us enough to convince our reviewer,Ray, to speak highly of it in his final summary, which appears at the end of this review.

Our woodden spoon this time goes to the Morning Value Service, who very much like Value Racing Tips have made good profits up to now, but have suffered a recent reversal of form. A £207.16 loss was recorded for this one, but yet again, this time-proven service still has plenty of profit in the bank…

…as now seen in our latest “league table”…

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Big Race Analysis £2,060.58 (at day 52) 52 £447.75 Click Here
Evening Value Service £879.23 (at day 35) 35 £145.55 Click Here
Quentin Franks Racing  £857.03 (at day 34) 34 £120.63 Click Here
Morning Value Service £416.44 (at day 44) 44 -£207.16 Click Here
Value Racing Tips £344.50 (at day 60) 60 -£125.00 Click Here
Each Way Winners £294.64 (at day 44) 44 -£2.12 Click Here
Top Form Racing £253.09 (at day 42) 42 £101.44 Click Here
GreatBets £118.59 (at day 16) 16 £118.59 Click Here
Value Racer £72.39 (at day 56) 56 £69.00 Click Here
Pro Footy Tips £45.88 (at day 60) 60 £155.68 Click Here
Sports Betting Pays -£7.90 (at day 20) 20 £67.20 Click Here
The Football Formula -£11.50 (at day 18) 18 £11.40 Click Here
Sports World -£15.12 (at day 13) 13 -£4.65 Click Here
Low Hanging Profits -£75.77 (at day 60) 60 -£17.44 Click Here

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

As you can clearly see, the overall picture is pretty promising and had any of you backed every selection from all the above products since we started reviewing them, you’d now be better off to the tune of some £5322.08! Hindsight is, of course, a wonderful thing, but our purpose here is to show you how services perform and point you towards the ones we think are worth buying and shying you away from the ones we don’t like!

Value Racing Tips certainly fall into the first category and despite a loss in ther final week, the numbers stack up really for this one and it’s a really affordable service to boot. Click here for more info and a month’s access for just £1 or read Ray’s review first, if you’re not sure.

And before I go, one last word about Nick Hardman’s Big Race Analysis which is now the highest earning review we’ve conducted here at Geegeez. This one is also very competitively priced and with over £2000 profit banked under review, it’s unthinkable that we won’t be giving this one our seal of approval. My review of this one is right here, or you can simply click here to get involved at a 25% discounted price!

That’s all for now, folks, thanks for reading,


Your first 30 days for just £1
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