Who’d be a tipster in November, eh?

Traditionally a tough time for finding winners, our triallists have been through the mill somewhat over the last 7 days, as can now be seen in the Geegeez System Trials Roundup to 15/11/2016.

There are eleven products currently being reviewed by my team of dedicated volunteers (to whom Matt and I are extremely grateful for all their efforts) and had you backed every selection this week, you’d be out of pocket to the tune of £410.93 to a £10 stake!

And that figure would have been much worse, had Each Way Winners not continued their fine form by adding another £101.50 to their bottom line thanks to hitting 7 winning bets from 16 (43.75% SR) over the week and David Sutton has listed each of those bets for you right here.

Honourable mentions should also go to both Quentin Franks Racing and GreatBets, who both also added some valuable profit for their subscribers.

Quentin Franks Racing made £42.00 this week and whilst that’s not spectacular, it was affected by the loss of £14 for a non-runner ante-post bet and it does edge this one ever closer to the £1000 mark, as you’ll see shortly. James Cross is your reviewer for this one and his report is right here.

Our weekly top three is completed by a fairly recent Geegeez newcomer, GreatBets who, despite not setting the world on fire just yet, are steadily going about building a bank for their subscribers. And 8 winners from 23 since my last update (34.8% SR) helped them to bring another £21 in over the week and this is progressing nicely, as seen in David’s review right here.

Your first 30 days for just £1

If you fancy trying it yourself, GreatBets offer a free 7 day trial to subscribers via this link.

So, if across eleven services there was a deficit of £410.93 and the three above made £164.50 between them, you know there must have been some casualties amongst the other 8 reviews! And sadly, this was the case and the bulk of the losses fell at Kieran Ward’s feet, for whom it was just one of those weeks, where nothing went right for both his Morning Value Service and his Evening Value Service who suffered a combined reversal of some £342.45!

It’s at this point that I should point out that both services still show a healthy profit, but we have to be transparent here and although I personally love both services, Barry Gill’s review of  MVS shows a loss of £125.75 (full details here), whilst Iain MacMillan’s review of EVS shows a loss of £216.70 (details here).

Both of those services could claim to be unlucky with several crossbar-rattling efforts from double digit-odds horses and on another week, they could have been looking at spectacular profits. That, sadly, wasn’t the case, but despite the losses over the week, the two services are still over £950 to the good, as you’ll now see…

…in this week’s updated “league table”…

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Big Race Analysis £1,932.83 (at day 55) 55 -£127.75 Click Here
Quentin Franks Racing  £899.03 (at day 38) 38 £42.00 Click Here
Evening Value Service £662.53 (at day 39) 39 -£216.70 Click Here
Each Way Winners £396.14 (at day 50) 50 £101.50 Click Here
Morning Value Service £290.69 (at day 50) 50 -£125.75 Click Here
Top Form Racing £243.00 (at day 48) 48 -£10.09 Click Here
GreatBets £139.59 (at day 22) 22 £21.00 Click Here
Value Racer £36.14 (at day 60) 60 -£36.25 Click Here
Sports World £1.09 (at day 18) 18 £16.21 Click Here
The Football Formula -£25.60 (at day 22) 22 -£14.10 Click Here
Sports Betting Pays -£68.90 (at day 24) 24 -£61.00 Click Here

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

As seems to be the case every week until its 60-days are up, the review of Big Race Analysis tops the charts and even when they’ve lost a fair chunk of money, like this week, it’s a manageable amount. To clock up almost £2000 profit takes some going and once again, I’d recommend it to you, especially as this link gives a 25% discount to Geegeez readers.

In fact, 7 of our 11 reviews look very healthy despite the difficult week many have endured, which I suppose is a reminder trhat we shouldn’t make a snap judgement on any of them!

It was the end of the line this week for Value Racer and although they ended up in profit after 60 betting days, there just wasn’t enough there for our reviewer Ernest Anthony to approve it. He actually scored it as just 2/5 and you can find out why, right here in his review.

We have several reviews approaching their own judgement day, so we’ll need to replace them on the panel (I need to keep the reviewers busy!), so if there’s a service you’d like to see us review, drop me a line : you know where I am!

Failing that, I’ll find some for you and report back next week!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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