An Easy Way to Make £40…

…is not how I’d describe this weeks performances of the services featured in the Geegeez System Trials Roundup to 24/01/2017, as backing every single selection from all eight featured products would have made you just £40.22 over the last seven days!

After the time and effort to put all the bets on, that would be scant reward at best, but let’s see how we arrived at that figure.

Firstly, we had four services in profit, making £128.54 between them, the highlight of which was undoubtedly DG Tips, who hit six winners from twelve (50% SR) on their way to a healthy return of some £88.00 at an ROI of 73.33%. Not only are they this week’s best performer, that kind of return replicated weekly would be excellent. To see their selections, Ray’s review is here.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Three other services combined to add the remaining £40.54 profit and their details are below in our “leaderboard” feature.

To offset the £128.54 profit above, our other four reviews showed a combined loss of £88.32 over the week, with this week’s wooden spoon being “awarded” to The Snout, who accounted for 58.5% of the loss (-£51.67) after only managing four fairly short-priced winners from 18, costing them 28.7% of their stakes. David is logging the selections here for you.

And now, the updated “league table”…

System Profit Service Days Trial days Weekly P/L Full Review
Master Racing Tipster £268.08 (at day 44) 44 -£12.50 Click Here
Max Racing Partnership £200.18 (at day 33) 33 £23.62 Click Here
DG Tips £108.00 (at day 7) 7 £88.00 Click Here
PJ’s Racing Bets £51.10 (at day 7) 7 -£4.15 Click Here
Sports World £49.94 (at day 48) 48 £3.59 Click Here
 JTs Racing -£16.67 (at day 9) 9 £13.33 Click Here
National Hunt Supremo -£82.67 (at day 19) 19 -£20.00 Click Here
The Snout -£112.92 (at day 7) 7 -£51.67 Click Here

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

As things stand both Master Racing Tipster and Max Racing Partnership look well poised for a successful review, despite not exactly ripping any trees up just yet. Both, however, still have plenty of time to stack some more profits, though.

No product recommendation nor dissuasion from me this week, but more of a watching brief advice!

Back next week,

Your first 30 days for just £1
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