SotD Update, 1st to 6th May 2017

The first week of May proved to be a difficult one for me and of my six picks, one was a non-runner and only one the other five managed to make the frame.

Thankfully, that runner (Cosmic Ray) was widely available at 3/1 BOG, meaning we escaped with just a 1pt loss on the week and to be honest, I’m pretty happy to take that after a poor run of results over the week. I know many of you got the 7/2 that was available, further reducing your deficit, but I’m declaring at 3/1 in the interests of fairness and transparency.

All that aside, the figures for 2017 are still exceptional and are far in excess of what we’ve achieved historically, so please don’t be too alarmed when the almost-inevitable slowdown comes.

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 Selections & Results : 01/05/17 to 06/05/17

01/05 : Poets Society (adv 4/1 BOG) : 4th at 4/1
02/05 : Foxcatcher (adv 11/4 BOG) : non-runner
03/05 : Tommys Geal (adv 9/2 BOG) : 5th at 7/2
04/05 : Bamako du Chatelet (adv 7/2 BOG) : 7th at 11/4
05/05 : Cosmic Ray (adv 3/1 BOG) : WON at 5/4
06/05 : Dubka (adv 7/2 BOG) : 6th at 11/4

01/05/17 to 06/05/17 :
1 winning bet from 5 = 20.00% SR
P/L: -1.00pt

May 2017:
1 winner from 5 = 20.00% SR
P/L: -1.00pt
ROI = -20.00%

2017 so far:
34 winners from 104 = 32.69% SR
P/L: +75.71pts
ROI = +72.79%

474 winners from 1695 = 27.96% S.R
P/L: +448.44pts
ROI: +26.46%

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