As easy as 1-2-3?

Not usually the case in this “game”, but it was at least a very successful fortnight for the 123 System, who headline the Geegeez System Trials Roundup to 20/06/2017.

As June continues to frustrate tipsters and punters alike, the 123 System managed to provide some hope. This service splits a 1pt level stake on a 1 to 3 ratio (hence 123!) with bets at win and place at Betfair SP. Over the last fortnight, they’ve had 13 winners/placers from 15 selections for a return of £110.84 at an ROI of some 73.9% (details right here), catapulting them to the top of the current league table, which you’ll see shortly.

The only other profits since my last roundup (these now come out fortnightly!) came from new addition Elite Racing Advice (just Elite from here onwards!). Elite offer mainly E/W bets at fairly short prices and I felt that backing them win only might be more beneficial, so we’re doing our review (which is right here) with two sets of results to see if I’m right (sometimes I am!).

We’ve only got one day of results for Elite so far, but they made a profitable start making 4.7pts (win only) and 4.2pts (as advised) from a 10pt stake yesterday.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Not such good news for the rest of our triallists, though, as documented now…

… in the updated “league table”…

System Profit Service Days Trial days Fortnightly P/L Full Review ROI
Big Race Bookie Busters £194.97 (at day 60) 60 -£13.50 Click Here 16.63%
123 System £152.29 (at day 18) 18 £110.84 Click Here 58.57%
TrackSide £66.67 (at day 15) 15 -£50.52 Click Here 22.99%
Elite (win only) £28.20 (at day 1) 1 £28.20 Click Here 47.00%
Elite (as advised) £25.20 (at day 1) 1 £25.20 Click Here 42.00%
Tips Service -£90.00 (at day 2) 2 -£90.00 Click Here -100.00%
Robert Frasers Racing Tips -£265.09 (at day 44) 44 -£51.04 Click Here -32.53%

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

That’s all fairly self-explanatory, if not exactly scintillating, but as you can see Big Race Bookie Busters came to the end of the review since I last did an update and although they wrapped up with a small loss, they ended their trial (which is right here) with a decent amount of profit at an acceptable (to me, at least!) ROI.

If you wanted to get involved with Big Race Bookie Busters, it couldn’t be simpler, just click their name on this page and follow the link!

The vendors, Betting Gods, have set subscription fees for BRBB at just £39.95 per month or £99.95 (16.6% discount) per quarter with the best value coming from a lifetime sub at just £479.95 (equal to around 12 months subs) and as with ALL Betting Gods services we’ve reviewed, signing up via this link gets you the first month for JUST £1.

If you need further info/advice on any of our featured services or just services in general, just ask : my bark is worse than my bite!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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