SotD Update, 1st to 8th July 2017

Another solid if unspectacular week for us at SotD, which was actually only about half a nostril shy of being a great week as Barney Roy just couldn’t quite get up no Saturday in the Eclipse, a rare SotD foray into Class 1 action!

This does, however, remind us of the small margins within we work in this fine sport we follow. A 2pt profit on the week is good news, of course, but the margin of Barney Roy’s defeat was all that prevented us making an excellent 6pts! That said, there will be days when we “nick” one too, so there’s no complaints here after what was a truly thrilling finish to a big race.

It also means that we’ve made a good start to July (unlike the previous 3 months, where we’ve had to play catchup) and Wednesday’s winner was our 50th of the year as well as our 150th selection, so I’m really happy with the strike rate.

Friday’s winner took us beyond 100pts for the year and we’re  currently making those points at a rate of 66p in the pound, whilst our next milestone (500 winners) is now just 9 wins away and we’re 26.32pts shy of 500pts profit, but that’s a good way just yet!

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Selections & Results : 03/07/17 to 08/07/17

03/07 : Boundsy @ 7/2 BOG 2nd at 9/4
04/07 : No Such Number @ 4/1 BOG 6th at 5/1
05/07 : Clowance One @ 3/1 BOG WON at 5/4
06/07 : La Celebs Ville @ 3/1 BOG 4th at 3/1
07/07 : Pleasant Surprise @ 3/1 BOG WON at 2/1
08/07 : Barney Roy @ 3/1 BOG 2nd at 9/4

03/07/17 to 08/07/17 :
2 winning bets from 6 = 33.33% SR
P/L: +2.00pts

July 2017:
3 winners from 7 = 42.86% SR
P/L: +4.50pts
ROI = +64.29%

2017 so far:
51 winners from 153= 33.33% SR
P/L: +100.95pts
ROI = +65.98%

491 winners from 1744= 28.15% S.R
P/L: +473.68pts
ROI: +27.16%

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