Elite living up to the name…

According to a dictionary, Elite means a group that is superior in terms of ability or qualities to the rest of a group or society and that proved to be the case with Elite Racing Advice (who we know as just Elite) over the last fortnight, as we’ll now see in the Geegeez System Trials Roundup to 18/07/2017.

Not only did they make the most profit (not always the best barometer of success, when many services use variable stakes), but they’re also beating the opposition hands down, when it comes to the all-important ROI.

Over the last fortnight, Elite has made £184.89 (advised stakes) and £183.30 (win only) at respective ROIs of 52.7% and 52.2%, thanks to hitting 12 winners and 13 placers from 33 selections (36.4% win and 75.8% place strike rates), putting them at the head of our panel. You can, of course, see how they did this right here.

Other than that, it was a pretty quiet fortnight, TrackSide, however did manage to recoup all bar £0.83 of their previous losses, which enables them to resume the second half of their trial almost from square one.

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Robert Frasers Racing Tips made some more inroads into their deficit by closing out the last couple of days of their trial with another £34.42 profit. Clearly not enough to get out of the red, but as I mentioned last time, this one might still have some potential. I’m going to continue to monitor this one offline and I’ll let you now how it goes. We/they might just have been victims of poor timing for a review.

New recruit Omaha Racing (review right here) made a steady and profitable start to their trial and as this comes highly recommended, I’ll be interested to see how this one pans out.

Elsewhere, we had losses for the two services not mentioned so far. The £3.77 lost by the 123 System isn’t really anything to worry about, especially as their review still shows a a healthy profit of £141.53 acquired at an ROI of almost 275, but the big concern is that our worst performer from a fortnight ago claimed that “honour” again this time, as…

Tips Service, who were already carrying a loss of over £240 at the quarter mark of their trial, only managed to find 8 winners from 64 (12.5% SR) over the last fortnight, meaning they lost another £324.87 or some 50.8% of stakes. The writing is really on the wall for this one already, as you’ll now deduce from…

… our updated “league table”…

System Profit Service Days Trial days Fortnightly P/L Full Review ROI
Elite (as advised) £264.61 (at day 25) 25 £184.89 Click Here 35.83%
Elite (win only) £244.56 (at day 25) 25 £183.30 Click Here 33.14%
123 System £141.53 (at day 37) 37 -£3.77 Click Here 26.70%
Omaha Racing £22.04 (at day 9) 9 £22.04 Click Here 12.52%
TrackSide -£0.83 (at day 33) 33 £70.00 Click Here -0.13%
Robert Frasers Racing Tips -£164.95 (at day 60) 60 £34.42 Click Here -16.17%
Tips Service -£568.34 (at day 29) 29 -£324.87 Click Here -46.59%

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

That above is, as usual, pretty self explanatory but if you’ve any queries about any of the reviews, just send me a message at the normal place or leave a comment below!

I’m off to try and find some more decent services to review (they seem few and far between at present), so if there’s something you’d particularly like to see us cover, please do tell us!

Thanks for reading,

Your first 30 days for just £1
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