Off to a flyer, as other falter…

…pretty much sums up the state of the Geegeez System Trials Roundup to 05/12/2017. The latest service to come on board for trial, Cleeve Racing has got off to a flyer, but the overall picture (which you’ll see further down the page) doesn’t look very good at all.

Over the last fortnight, our 8 active reviews showed a combined loss of £115.67 with three making money and five losing out.

And the winners were?

Well, top of the pile is the afore-mentioned Cleeve Racing, who had three winners from six selections for a profit of some £211.50 at an ROI of over 160%, which is a cracking start to their review. This one focuses purely on Class 1 & 2 racing, so won’t have as many selections as some services but we prefer quality to quantity!

Tom’s Racing Picks managed to claw back some £70 of the previous fortnight’s losses, but at the halfway point of this trial, they’ve still got plenty to do just to get back to parity.

And the only other service to make money was another recent addition, the Horse Racing Network service, who had an up and down sort of first fortnight, starting off like a house on fire, landing three winners from their first six picks, but a quick glance at their review shows just 2 winners from 35 since has levelled things out and the final tally for this one is a £20 profit over the fortnight.

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And the losers?

Well, there were a handful with the worst offenders being First Class Fancies (WP) who lost another £40.00 on top of previous losses (full details here), whilst Top Rated Runners also sank further into the red with additional losses of £58.50 and our review shows how this unfolded.

The fortnightly wooden spoon, however, goes to FA Racing, who followed up an excellent 1st quarter (+£167.75) with a horror show over the last fortnight, losing some £278.75 and they now approach “half-time” of their trial with a deficit of over £110…

…as can be seen in the updated “league table”…

System Profit Service Days Trial days Fortnightly P/L Full Review
Cleeve Racing £211.50 (at day 2) 2 £211.50 Click Here
Horse Racing Network £20.00 (at day 11) 11 £20.00 Click Here
Flat Flyers (WP) -£35.70 (at day 26) 26 -£30.00 Click Here
FA Racing -£111.00 (at day 27) 27 -£278.75 Click Here
Top Rated Runners -£111.15 (at day 30) 30 -£58.50 Click Here
First Class Fancies (WP) -£162.01 (at day 22) 22 -£40.00 Click Here
Tom’s Racing Picks -£230.34 (at day 31) 31 £70.08 Click here
Platinum Winners -£331.24 (at day 60) 60 -£10.00 Click Here

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

Now, as I mentioned at the top of the page, that table doesn’t look pretty at all, unless you’re a fan of the colour red! There’s really not much for me to say about that above, that you can’t work out for yourself, but if you’ve any queries about any service, just ask!

One that I would like to mention is a service we reviewed a while ago : the GreatBets service. We actually reviewed GreatBets this time last year (that review is right here) and in 60 betting days, the trial showed a profit of over £710.00 and our reviewer, David Sutton, gave it a glowing recommendation!

Well, the GreatBets service has continued to deliver over the course of 2017, and the results for the not yet completed final quarter of the year are looking very good indeed. Since 1st October, GreatBets have advised 217 bets for total stakes of 279.5pts at £10/point. 72 winners (33.18% SR) have yielded profits of 86.81pts at an ROI of just over 31%, so it’s safe to say, they’re still doing very well.

You can sign up or find more details about this one right here or to view David’s original review, click here. Martin Wilkins, who runs the GreatBets service is very amenable and quick to answer queries, so if you were thinking of treating yourself to a Christmas service subscription, you could do worse than GreatBets.

So, until next time, thanks for reading and you know where I am, if you need me!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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