Tom’s Rival Top Rated Takes Top Ranking…

…in a terrible tongue-twisting tale of the Geegeez System Trials Roundup to 19/12/2017. Awful alliteration aside (stop it now!), the basic story of the past fortnight is that two services stood out from the crowd.

Quite often, the £163.23 profit secured by Tom’s Racing Picks could well be enough for them to take top spot in the fortnightly profit list, but despite hitting 11 winners from 41 (26.8% SR) and making that £163.23 at an ROI of 41.5% (full details right here), it wasn’t quite enough to hit the summit this time.

It did, however, allow them to clear some 70% of their previous losses, enabling them to approach the final quarter of their trial in fine form and with a chance of finishing in profit.

That top spot, however, went to another service who had struggled previously and were over £110 in the red at the halfway point of their trial in my last roundup a fortnight ago. However, Top Rated Runners finally clicked into gear over the past couple of weeks, hitting 11 winners from just 22 selections (50% SR) and recording profits of £186.75 at an phenomenal ROI of some 122.5%.

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Those results have taken them out of the red and they are now in a n excellent position approaching their final quarter of the trial, which we’ve catalogued right here.

As for our other handful of featured services, there were no real triumphs nor disasters, as you’ll see very shortly and is evidenced by the fact that between them there was just a small £16 profit over the two weeks.

And now, the updated “leaderboard”…

System Profit Service Days Trial days Fortnightly P/L Full Review ROI
Cleeve Racing £279.50 (at day 6) 6 £68.00 Click Here 84.69%
Top Rated Runners £75.60 (at day 42) 42 £186.75 Click Here 11.00%
Horse Racing Network -£35.00 (at day 22) 22 -£55.00 Click Here -3.98%
Flat Flyers (WP) -£45.70 (at day 27) 27 -£10.00 Click Here -10.16%
Tom’s Racing Picks -£67.11 (at day 42) 42 £163.23 Click here -4.03%
FA Racing -£110.25 (at day 38) 38 £0.75 Click Here -5.64%
First Class Fancies (WP) -£149.47 (at day 23) 23 £12.54 Click Here -18.23%

As usual, clicking the name of a service takes you straight to their home page, whilst there are links to every review above.

Now, as it was a fortnight ago, that table still doesn’t look too pretty, unless red’s your colour or you’re a layer and sadly, I’m in neither camp! But if we are to accentuate the positive, as I always strive to do, we should look at the revivals of Top Rated Runners and Tom’s Racing Picks, whilst also noticing that 5 of our 7 triallists moved in the right direction this time around.

How they’ll fare over the tricky festive period is anyone’s guess, of course, but you’ll be able to find out in my next report, scheduled for Wednesday 3rd January, so until then, I’d like to take this opportunity of wishing all of you and your loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Prosperous New Year from all the review team here at Geegeez.


Your first 30 days for just £1
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