wins Best Betting Website (again!)

For the second year running, was voted Best Betting Website by the respected Secret Betting Club in their annual awards. Beating off hot competition from the likes of oddschecker and, scooped more than half of the votes.

Pete Ling, head man at Secret Betting Club, wrote:

Starting with the Best Betting Website award – an extremely popular category, where you voted in huge numbers with the Gold, Silver & Bronze Awards as follows: scoops the top award for the second year running scoops the top award for the second year running

The unanimous winner of the Gold award for the best betting website went to who repeated last year’s success against some very stiff opposition with much larger budgets. Run by Matt Bisogno, the Geegeez site has gone from strength to strength in 2017 and remains an excellent source of information and advice for racing punters.

So what is it about that makes people love the site? Well, that’s not really for me to say. But, based on your kind emails (which we receive on an almost daily basis – thank you!), it could be…

Stat of the Day

Our one-a-day tipping service is part of the Geegeez Gold package, but available free to all on Monday. Last week, when we recorded three winners out of six (Sunday is a day off for SotD), the service passed through the magical 500 points profit landmark.

Think about that for a second. One tip a day, six days a week, five hundred points profit. Many followers started out betting £5 or £10 per horse, and have graduated to larger stakes since. Even at a fairly modest £20, the current return to punters’ pockets since inception is £10,092.20. Which is pretty awesome.

As I say, Stat of the Day is free on a Monday, and you can find today’s post here. More than whether the tip wins or not, note how it is supported by a raft of statistics. That’s (obviously?) the Stat of the Day way, and it’s why even in the inevitable downturns its followers continue to support the picks and benefit from the long-term upward curve on the profit graph.

Here is said graph, to end of January and therefore excluding February’s 10.25 points profit thus far…

A very satisfying profit curve for Stat of the Day, in spite of occasional inevitable downturns

A very satisfying profit curve for Stat of the Day, in spite of occasional inevitable downturns


Racecards and Form Tools

Stat of the Day is a key part of our success. Indeed, when I surveyed you lovely readers around this time last year, it was the third most popular element on site. The top two parts of in terms of popularity were the racecards, and the form tools – especially Instant Expert.

Your first 30 days for just £1

I’ll not go into great detail here, but suffice it to say that our racecards contain a lot more detail now than a year ago. We’ve added Report Angles, Trainer Snippets, wind ops, and equipment counts to the already loaded (but hidden unless/until you want to view) content.

Actually, let me go into a little detail quickly. Take a look at the below, where I’ve clicked the ‘Trainer’ and ‘Report Angles’ icons.

Good stuff lurks under every icon on geegeez racecards

Good stuff lurks under every icon on geegeez racecards

The HC1 icon means this horse is having its first run in a handicap, and we can see from the trainer form block (light blue outline) that this trainer – Donald McCain – has had five handicap debutant winners from 39 such runners in the last two years. It’s not a hugely exciting record, and is in fact a fair bit poorer than his overall handicap record (see All Hcap line above); but we have those facts directly to hand, rather than guessing whether or not the trainer does well in such circumstances.

The green numbers underneath trainer and jockey names (in the green circle top right) show that McCain and Hughes are in great form in the last month as well as long term at the track. Again, we can see that the market has their measure in terms of profit and loss, and this runner is short enough today.

Finally, the red ‘2’ in the dark blue highlighted box relates that two of my ‘Report Angles’ are relevant for this horse. Elsewhere, I’ve set up parameters around the Geegeez Gold reports for the sort of things I want to see in Report Angles, and there are two salient snippets for this runner. You can see in the dark blue box at the bottom of the image that they both relate to McCain and Hughes in combination, and their excellent recent record together.

Ultimately, this content tells me that Rockalzaro, the horse in question, is likely to have a good chance but that his chance is in no way lost on the market. In other words, he’s not really a value play even though he has solid credentials in terms of trainer modus operandi.

Did I say I wasn’t going to go into detail? Oops, sorry.

In terms of form tools, we have degrees of complexity which suit different types of punter. You may have more or less time, you may have more or less knowledge/experience, you may have more or less inclination to get stuck into the form. Regardless, a very good starting point – especially in handicaps where horses have run plenty – is Instant Expert.

It does what it says, informing users of the horses best suited to conditions almost immediately, by use of a traffic light colour system. Here’s an example. See if you can determine which horse might be best suited from this field…

Modulus is having his first run at the track and looks well suited to conditions

Modulus is having his first run at the track and looks well suited to conditions


In this example, Modulus is an 8.5/1 shot, but has won on the going, four times in the grade, twice at the trip, and will be fine in this size of field. Moreover, the pair of 108 figures on the right hand side relate that he is racing off his last winning mark. Whilst he clearly may not win, or even necessarily run well, Instant Expert suggests he’s well suited today and looks a value price.

Plenty of these do win, and that’s why – at the time of the last survey – Instant Expert remained the number one most popular tool in Geegeez Gold’s burgeoning toolkit. It will be very interesting to see if that’s still the case in a couple of weeks’ time when I ask for your views once again.



Some people are not fussed for tips, others don’t care for form study. That’s fine: we have something for everyone. And we also have some cracking editorial. The likes of the Tony’s, Stafford and Keenan, so different in their backgrounds and racing interests but united by a love of producing data-driven thought-provoking content.

Then there’s the free tipping editorial, provided by Steve Oliver (Race of the Day), Mal Boyle (Placepot Pointers), Andy Newton (Saturday TV Trends), and Nige Keeling’s friday previews.

Although I’ve been quieter than normal recently, I’ll be back in the swing soon with, well, with whatever it is I scratch onto the digital papyrus from my virtual quill. And I’m hoping to introduce a new writer in the near future. It might not come off due to his other commitments, but if it does, he’ll be an excellent addition to the team.


Perhaps something in the above is why you voted for as Secret Betting Club’s Best Betting Website for a second year running.

Whatever the reason, THANK YOU!

As you probably know, we’ll be continuing to innovate and to re-invest in a site that now has a genuine claim to be UK’s best independently-run racing website. We obviously cannot do any of it without you. 🙂



p.s. you can find out more about Secret Betting Club and what they do by clicking on the banner below:

Your first 30 days for just £1
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