SotD Update, 19th to 24th February 2018

A frustrating week that didn’t live up to what I’d achieved in the first half of the month, but as I’m always saying, these purple patches can’t go on for ever and there will be weeks where we have to give a few quid back to the layers. If nothing else, it might help keep a few accounts open a while longer!

Thankfully, Goring got up on the line on Saturday to win by a nose, ensuring we didn’t suffer a total washout and by coming in at 11/4, I was happy enough to emerge from a testing week only 2.25pts down.

It’s after weeks like this that we need to remember to focus on the bigger picture, which shows February with a 38%-plus strike rate and an ROI of 65% taking the year to date’s percentages to 31.8% and 46.5% respectively.

Selections & Results : 19/02/18 to 24/02/18 

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19/02 : Lacan @ 3/1 BOG 2nd at 11/4
20/02 : Lunar Flow @ 4/1 BOG 5th at 9/4
21/02 : War Creation @ 9/4 BOG PU at 9/2
22/02 : Roy’s Legacy @ 9/2 BOG 4th at 9/2
23/02 : Thomas Patrick @ 4/1 BOG 4th at 9/2
24/02 : Goring @ 4/1 BOG WON at 11/4

19/02/18 to 24/02/18 :
1 winning bet from 6 = 16.66% SR
P/L: -2.25pts

February 2018 :
8 winners from 21 = 38.09% SR
P/L: +13.65pts
ROI = +65.00%

2018 to date :
14 winners from 44 = 31.82% SR
P/L: +20.48pts
ROI = +46.55%

537 winners from 1929 = 27.84% S.R
P/L: +508.26pts
ROI: +26.35%

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