SotD Update, 16th to 21st April 2018

Three placers from five picks this week is as good as it got, I’m afraid. April is notoriously difficult at the best of times, but this year’s wild variations in weather is really making life tough for those of us who stick our necks out publicly on a daily basis.

As most of you will know, I oversee all the product reviews undertaken here on Geegeez and everyone seems to be struggling right now, not that I’m making excuses in any way at all.

To be honest, recent SotD form is poor, full stop. However, we’re only one winner shy of parity for the month, 2018 as a whole looks very good and should, heaven forbid, I fail to turn April around to a profitable conclusion, it will be my first losing month since a 4pt loss suffered last August!

That said, 2 winners from the next seven selections (which is our overall average anyway) will see us through!

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Selections & Results : 16/04/18 to 21/04/18 

16/04 : Geronimo @ 5/2 BOG 2nd at 9/4
17/04 : Storm Over @ 10/3 BOG 6th at 9/4
18/04 : Ubla @ 10/3 BOG non-runner
19/04 : Lord Murphy @ 4/1 BOG 9th at 3/1
20/04 : Darius des Bois @ 3/1 BOG 2nd at 2/1
21/04 : Red Devil Star @ 11/4 BOG 3rd at 11/4 

16/04/18 to 21/04/18 :
0 winning bets from 5 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -5.00pts

April 2018 :
3 winners from 16 = 18.75% SR
P/L: -3.00pts
ROI = -18.75%

2018 to date :
25 winners from 86 = 29.07% SR
P/L: +31.01pts
ROI = +36.06%

548 winners from 1971 = 27.80% S.R
P/L: +518.80pts
ROI: +26.32%

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