SotD Update, 11th to 16th June 2018

6 picks, of which 1 was a non-runner and the other five lost could quite easily be seen as disappointing by many people.

Personally, I was more frustrated than disappointed, as any of the first three picks of the week could (and some would argue should!) have won their respective contests. Add in Thursday’s non-runner, which I felt was my strongest pick of the six and you end up with a 5pt loss from what could actually have been a very good week.

That above, admittedly is all built on supposition rather than proven facts, and as we’re only in the business of facts, the bottom line is a total loss on the week, This dents both June’s and 2018’s figures a little, but the year has still been good and I’m still expecting to declare a profit for June.

Selections & Results : 11/06/18 to 16/06/18

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11/06 : Roundabout Magic @ 11/4 BOG 4th at 10/3
12/06: Fanfair @ 4/1 BOG 2nd at 4/1
13/06 : Danzay @ 3/1 BOG 3rd at 5/2
14/06 : Glencadam Master @ 3/1 BOG non-runner
15/06 : Indian Temple @ 5/2 BOG 6th at 15/8
16/06 : Esspeegee @ 10/3 BOG 7th at 5/1

11/06/18 to 16/06/18 :
0 winning bets from 5 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -5.00pts

June 2018 :
3 winners from 12 = 25.00% SR
P/L: -0.60pts
ROI = -5.00%

2018 to date :
34 winners from 130 = 26.15% SR
P/L: +28.31pts
ROI = +21.78%

557 winners from 2015 = 27.64% S.R
P/L: +516.10pts
ROI: +25.61%

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