An Even Split…

…is the story unfolding from the post-July roundup of the Geegeez Systems Reviews, as 5 of our 10 active services lost money, with the other five going on to secure profit in the four weeks since my last update.

The five money-makers managed to amass £2219.01 between them, of which one service was a big winner accounting for some 78.5% of all the profit, as the Horse Racing Network took top billing.

The Horse Racing Network found 27 winners from just 119 selections and this 22.7% strike rate yielded profits of £1741.11 at an ROI of 126.2% 30 selections per week isn’t a massive amount to deal with, especially if they continue to provide winners & profits as they have done so far!

For a full breakdown of every selection/result, Ray Pearce’s review is right here. If however, you’ve already decided that Horse Racing Network is right for you, you can sign up via this link for either £29.99 per month or £74.99 per quarter.

We should also give honourable mentions to both The Press Man and the RL Rated Racing services, who both had excellent strike rates and ROIs over the past four weeks…

  • The Press Man hit 10 winners from 25 (40% SR) for £146.25 (+39.6% ROI) : full details here and a subscription is priced at either £45.00 per month or £99.99 per quarter (25.9% discount from monthly price) : more details/signup opportunities available via this link.
  • RL Rated Racing found even more winners with 17 of their 39 (43.6% SR) selections hitting the target with their profits of £138.20 equating to 29.4% of all stakes invested. Each bet is listed right here and if you fancied taking RL Rated Racing into your portfolio, standard subs are set at £1 for 7 days followed by… £27.99 per month or £69.99 per quarter (16.66% discount) or best value at £189.99 per year (less than 7 x monthly fee) :  all available via this link.
Your first 30 days for just £1

It wasn’t all good news, though, as I intimated at the top of the piece. Five services lost a combined £1796.96 between, meaning that the overall profit over four weeks from the 10 reviews stands at £422.05. And just like the five profitable reviews, the bulk of the losses were incurred by one service…

…as Rod’s Runners endured a pretty turbulent time (details here), hitting just 87 winners from 1102 selections (7.9% SR : yes, you read that right : 1102 selections in 4 weeks!) for a loss of some £1336.75 which equates to 9.5% of the total amount staked on the service’s selections and is also some 74.4% of the total incurred by the five reviews who failed to show profit over the last four weeks.

In all fairness, a 9.5% loss of stakes isn’t horrific, but the sheer number of bets means that (a) they lost almost £1350 at £10 per point and (b) somewhat more alarmingly, they’ve now lost 84.35% of the advised bank in 36 betting days. At the current rate, this one will break its bank in a week’s time.

And here’s how all this comes together…

System Profit/Loss Service Days Trial days 4-weekly P/L Full Review ROI
Horse Racing Network £1,741.11 (at day 15) 15 £1,741.11 Click Here 126.17%
The Press Man £142.65 (at day 17) 17 £142.65 Click Here 39.63%
RL Rated Racing £150.70 (at day 23) 23 £138.20 Click Here 29.55%
Loves Racing £304.55 (at day 35) 35 £116.80 Click Here 12.99%
Racing Expert £80.25 (at day 12) 12 £80.25 Click Here 28.66%
The VIP Service -£17.96 (at day 15) 15 -£29.62 Click Here -11.98%
Master Racing Tipster -£65.37 (at day 25) 25 -£90.37 Click Here -13.03%
Rod’s US Runners -£386.00 (at day 27) 27 -£112.00 Click Here -13.99%
Racing Excellence 5f Lays -£116.62 (at day 40) 40 -£228.22 Click Here n/a
Rod’s Runners -£2,108.75 (at day 36) 36 -£1,336.75 Click Here -12.27%
Recently Completed
JB Racing Tips £266.77 (at day 60) 60 £0.00 Click Here


As is normally the case, clicking a service’s name will direct you to their homepage, where you’ll find more info and no doubt be offered the opportunity to take out a subscription.

The above is pretty self explanatory, but if you’ve any queries about this, simply drop me an email at the usual address(es) or leave a comment below.

Similarly this applies to any queries you may have about other products we’ve reviewed or you’d like us to review.

And that’s about it for today, so until next time (5th September), thanks for reading and good luck!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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