SotD Update, 30th July to 4th August

The thing about a daily “tipping” service is that there’s nowhere to hide in a bad spell, so it’s a good job that we neither seek refuge in a storm, nor do we make excuses for poor results.

The bottom line is that recent results haven’t been good and last week was terrible. No excuses, no extended analysis, just a renewed commitment to get it right.

The MO is still as it always as been, there will always be peaks and troughs in form/results, long standing members are well used to this, so the way we operate will NOT change.

There WILL however be some temporary changes to the service over the next month, but more delivery-based than anything else, as I’m out of the country from Thursday (9th) morning until Monday 3rd September, so here’s what’s happening…

  • Monday (6th) to Thursday (9th) : normal service from me : selections in the evening
  • Friday (10th) to Friday (24th) : delayed service from me due to time zones : selections likely to be after 10pm or even overnight.
  • Saturday (25th) to Saturday (2nd Sept) : I’m taking a week off to recharge the batteries and Matt will be providing the service.
  • Sunday (3rd Sept) : I’ll be posting the selection for Monday and then it’s normal service.
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Selections & Results : 30/07/18 to 04/04/18

30/07 : Mecca’s Spirit @ 11/4 BOG 5th at 3/1
31/07 : Emily Goldfinch @ 9/2 BOG 9th at 5/2 
01/08 : Soldier’s Call @ 11/4 BOG 3rd at 6/4 
02/08 : Toy Theatre @ 4/1 BOG non-runner
03/08 : Threading @ 5/2 BOG 6th at 9/4
04/08 : Dr Doro @ 7/2 BOG 3rd at 5/2

30/07/18 to 04/08/18 :
0 winning bet from 5 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -5.00pts

July 2018 :
7 winners from 26 = 26.92% SR
P/L: +1.50pts
ROI = +5.77%

August 2018 :
0 winners from 3 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -3.00pts
ROI = -100.00%

2018 to date :
42 winners from 171 = 24.56% SR
P/L: +19.31pts
ROI = +11.29%

565 winners from 2056 = 27.48% S.R
P/L: +507.10pts
ROI: +24.66%

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