A Six and Two Threes…

…sums up the performances of the services featuring in the post-August roundup of the Geegeez Systems Reviews, as six of our dozen triallists made money and the other six didn’t!

Thankfully, the profits far outweighed the losses this month and that doesn’t always happen, but backing every selection from each of the dozen services would have netted you almost £1700, thanks to four services having a really good month. So in order of actual financial profit, (not always the best indicator of success, of course!) those four were…

  1. Rod’s Runners, whose last 24 days of their trial showed 106 winners from 1254 selections (8.45% SR) and £731.85 profit at an ROI of 4.85% (full details here). We weren’t, however, able to give this one the Geegeez thumbs up, I’m afraid, as I’ll explain shortly.
  2. The Horse Racing Network followed up July’s excellent start with another 45 winners from 225 (20% SR) picks spread over 34 days and these selections generated a further £707.34 profit at an ROI of 25.1% to put them in a very strong position : see for yourself right here!
  3. Rod’s US Runners, like its UK counterpart also came to the end of its trial with a profitable final run that wasn’t enough to gain our approval. 34 winners from 345 (9.86% SR) for £491.00 profit (+11.26% ROI) added some second half gloss to the trial, but a look at the review will tell the full story.
  4. And last, but not least…new addition Architect Tips made a good start to life under the Geegeez microscope, finding 36 winners from 116 selections (31.03% SR) producing profits of £254.56 at an ROI of 21.66% and each of those selections are right here in James’ review.

As I suggested above, pure profit isn’t always the best indicator of success, as from the four star performers in August, 2nd ranked Horse Racing Network had the highest ROI (which is the thing to look out for), whilst newcomer and 4th ranked Architect Tips marginally beat that one on strike rate. Strike rate is more an indicator of how a service can keep members interested. Punters like to see a regular flow of winners as opposed to infrequent large odds successes.

So how does all this affect the overall picture?

System Profit/Loss Service Days Trial days Monthly P/L Full Review ROI
Horse Racing Network £2,448.45 (at day 49) 49 £707.34 Click Here 58.36%
Architect Tips £254.56 (at day 29) 29 £254.56 Click Here 21.66%
Loves Racing £241.60 (at day 39) 39 £62.95 Click Here 9.20%
RL Rated Racing £185.84 (at day 39) 39 £35.14 Click Here 18.04%
Rod’s US Runners £105.00 (at day 60) 60 £491.00 Click Here 1.47%
Racing Expert £42.84 (at day 33) 33 -£37.41 Click Here 5.56%
The Press Man -£17.85 (at day 38) 38 -£160.50 Click Here -2.23%
Master Racing Tipster -£19.87 (at day 52) 52 £45.50 Click Here -1.87%
The VIP Service -£35.38 (at day 33) 33 -£17.42 Click Here -11.79%
Racing Excellence 5f Lays -£135.37 (at day 40) 40 -£18.75 Click Here n/a
CD Racing -£292.00 (at day 26) 26 -£292.00 Click Here -72.10%
Rod’s Runners -£1,376.90 (at day 60) 60 £731.85 Click Here -12.27%

Your first 30 days for just £1

As is normally the case, clicking a service’s name will direct you to their homepage, where you’ll find more info and no doubt be offered the opportunity to take out a subscription.

The above is pretty self explanatory, but if you’ve any queries about this, simply drop me an email at the usual address(es) or leave a comment below.

Similarly this applies to any queries you may have about other products we’ve reviewed or you’d like us to review.

Before I sign off this morning, I quickly want to refer back to Rod’s Runners and the sister service Rod’s US Runners, who both reached the end of their trials in August and quickly explain why we couldn’t approve them. The UK service actually lost quite a lot of money, which is an automatic fail, whilst the US version did make a small gain, but at an ROI of less than 1.5% from a sub-10% strike rate, we feel that it’d be hard to keep subscribers interested.

We are, however, highly likely to be approving the Horse Racing Network service in next month’s roundup, as with 11 days to go, they’re hitting a strike rate of almost 21% and have made almost £2500 at an ROI of nearly 60% in seven weeks!

Those of you wanting to get in to Horse Racing Network before the rush can do so via the links/prices below (14-day money back guarantee also offered)

And that’s about it for today, so until next time (3rd October), thanks for reading and good luck!


Your first 30 days for just £1
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