SotD Update, 20th August to 1st September 2018

I’m sure I’m not the only one glad to see the back of August. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never known anything like it and I was happy to be able to take the last week off and get away from racing completely.

It was by far the worst month I’ve ever had, but it was also very frustrating. I selected so many horses that ran well but just failed as typified by my final five pre-holiday selections which finished 23324. Of course, near misses don’t pay the bills, but they did at least stop me going insane.

Yes, with every loser, I began to doubt the selection process more, just like many of you have done, but in my week off, I went back through the recent poor run and re-assessed the picks and they were all logically sound and most of them ran well enough to have a chance of winning. Our picks continue to be well fancied elsewhere too, so I still think I’m doing something right.

Sadly, it was left to Matt to bail me out, though and he was able to ensure that the month wasn’t a complete washout by finding a pair of nice winners : further proof if any were needed that it’s a team game here at Geegeez. I’m back in the hotseat now and rest assured, I’m doing my utmost to snap this long losing run I’m on and I actually believe that a couple of winners might well open the floodgates again.

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Selections & Results : 20/08/18 to 01/09/18
Chris :
20/08 : Ninjago @ 10/3 BOG 2nd at 5/1
21/08 : Fortune and Glory @ 4/1 BOG 3rd at 3/1 
22/08 : Persian Moon @ 5/1 BOG 3rd at 10/3
23/08 : Coronet @ 6/1 BOG 2nd at 4/1
24/08 : Gateway @ 7/2 BOG 4th at 7/2
Matt :
25/08 : Look Around @ 9/2 BOG 7th at 5/1
27/08 : Chickenfortea @ 11/2 BOG 8th at 7/2
28/08 : On Route @ 11/4 BOG 4th at 5/2 
29/08 : India @ 5/2 BOG (2.13/1 after a 15p R4) WON at 10/11
30/08 : Oliver’s Hill @ 9/4 BOG 5th at 3/1
31/08 : The Throstles @ 9/2 BOG  WON at 7/2
01/09 : Secret Return @ 8/1 BOG 5th at 3/1

20/08/18 to 01/09/18 :
2 winning bets from 12 = 16.66% SR
P/L: -3.37pts

August 2018 :
2 winners from 26 = 7.69% SR
P/L: -17.37pts
ROI = -66.81%

September 2018 :
0 winners from 1 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -1.00pts
ROI = -100.00%

2018 to date :
44 winners from 195 = 22.56% SR
P/L: +3.94pts
ROI = +2.02%

567 winners from 2080 = 27.26% S.R
P/L: +491.73pts
ROI: +23.64%

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