Sound the HoRN for HRN!

HRN is the Horse Racing Network service and its performances under trial have made it this month’s headline act for the September edition of the Geegeez Systems Reviews roundup and the reasons behind this are as follows…

Since my last roundup (which is here), the Horse Racing Network service has advised a further 63 bets at a cost of £868.52 and from those bets, there has been 13 winners at a strike rate of 20.6% and £436.01 profit at an ROI of 50.6%. Now, taken in isolation, these are excellent numbers but could be perceived as a fluke or a purple patch etc, but let me assure that’s not the case.

I make this assertion because the Horse Racing Network service has now completed 60 betting days with us and the results from the whole review are astounding…

  • 407 bets at a cost of £5063.92 (avg of 6.8 bets per day costing £12.44 each)
  • 85 winners at a strike rate of 20.9%
  • £2884.46 profit at an ROI of some 57%, the second highest ROI we’ve ever recorded in a Geegeez 60-day review!

We try to level our nominal bet size to around the £10 mark for our reviews to make financial comparisons fairer (although ROI is the true indicator) and I’m happy to announce that no other review has made as much money as this one in 60 days!

Needless to say, I’m more than happy to approve this one to you, but don’t just take my word for it. Our reviewer, Ray Pearce, has this to say about the Horse Racing Network service…

…”not too much to say about this one, other than to urge you to sign up and take the ride. Any system that has an RoI 0f over 50% and delivers 288pts profit in 60 days has got to be a recommended system. I believe the profit and RoI is the biggest of any system reviewed to date by Geegeez. (Chris ?) He was almost right!
Admin wise everything worked like clockwork. Bets arrived the evening before racing. There were bets every day – a first for any system I have reviewed. I can make no comment on customer service as none was needed. Daily outlay was often quite large at 1-7 pts per bet. The largest daily stake was £170.00. The final outcme being 85/407, 20.88% SR; 288.45 pts profit @ 57% RoI.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Definitely a recommend from me. Ray…”

Ray likes it (his full review is here), I like it and I’m confident you’d like it too.
So, if you want to get involved, click here to take out a subscription priced at…

The Horse Racing Network service wasn’t the only one to catch the eye in August, though. Honourable mentions also go to …

Loves Racing who in just 8 betting days (Mainly a weekend service) had 8 winners from 27 (29.6% SR) yielding profits of some £672.75 at an ROI of 174.7% of £385 staked. That’s a truly phenomenal return and to check out how they did that, here is Barry’s review.

And I should also refer you to a recently started re-trial of Carl Nicholson’s Racing Diary service. We’re admittedly only nine days into this trial, but it would be remiss of me not to highlight the good start they’ve made. 20 level stakes bets of £10 each have produced 6 winners (30% strike rate) and £469.50 profit at a stunning ROI of some 234.75% : each bet is logged here for you.

It wasn’t, however, such a good month for all our triallists, as demonstrated…

…in the overall standings (shown by monthly P/L this time)…

System Profit/Loss Service Days Trial days Monthly P/L Full Review ROI
Loves Racing £914.35 (at day 47) 47 £672.75 Click Here 30.38%
Racing Diary £469.50 (at day 9) 9 £469.50 Click Here 234.75%
Horse Racing Network £2,884.46 (at day 60) 60 £436.01 Click Here 56.96%
The Press Man £175.25 (at day 54) 54 £193.10 Click Here 13.48%
CD Racing -£171.15 (at day 52) 52 £120.85 Click Here -14.14%
Racing Excellence 5f Lays -£73.85 (at day 57) 57 £61.52 Click Here n/a
Master Racing Tipster £17.63 (at day 60) 60 £37.50 Click Here 1.46%
Stable Whispers £0.00 (at day 7) 7 £0.00 Click Here 0.00%
The VIP Service -£51.53 (at day 45) 45 -£16.15 Click Here -12.57%
Ron Williams Racing -£17.50 (at day 9) 9 -£17.50 Click Here -6.25%
Architect Tips £207.18 (at day 53) 53 -£47.38 Click Here 9.27%
Racing Expert -£32.52 (at day 51) 51 -£75.36 Click Here -2.90%
RL Rated Racing £109.34 (at day 58) 58 -£76.50 Click Here 7.75%
The BSP Tipster -£171.31 (at day 8) 8 -£171.31 Click Here -31.14%
The Shortlist -£198.89 (at day 8) 8 -£198.89 Click Here -21.65%

As is normally the case, clicking a service’s name will direct you to their homepage, where you’ll find more info and no doubt be offered the opportunity to take out a subscription.

The above is pretty self explanatory, of course, but if anything’s unclear, feel free to ask. You’ll notice a few new additions over the last few days and you’ll also see that quite a few reviews will end before the November edition of the roundup (7th Nov IIRC). This, of course, means that I’m going to need to source a few new services to trial, so if there’s a product out there that you’d like me to review or that you think we should review, please do get in touch.

Other than that, I’m done here for another month and I’ll leave you with another reminder to check out our review of the Horse Racing Network service maybe even with a view to subscribing.

Thanks for taking the time to read this today,


Your first 30 days for just £1
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