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Christmas is over, the New Year hangover has long since dissipated, and we’ve seen the back of the embuggerance of Blue Monday, supposedly the year’s most miserable day. Looking forward, we’re now more than a month past the shortest day of the year and we’re gaining light at a rate of around quarter of an hour a week. I’m not going to lie, that last one is massive for me! Dark mornings are so depressing.

Anyway, on we go and we have much to look forward to, including in the little ray of joy that is Geegeez Gold. Our next updates are due imminently, and I’ve outlined them in the video below. If you prefer, underneath the video are some words and pictures to the same end.





Instant Expert for Trainers, Jockeys and Sires

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Taking the existing much-loved traffic-light colour-coded (three hyphenated words in a row, eh?) format we use for horse form profiling against the day’s race conditions, we’ve extended that to cover the other key entities of trainer, jockey and sire. It looks familiar, though in most cases the sample sizes will be bigger and, I hope, at least as meaningful.

The percentage cutoffs for green, amber and red vary from entity to entity, and from win to place, based on some reasonably robust science, details of which will be in the User Guide for those who like to understand the workings out as well as the answer.


Pace Analyser

Analyzer? Analyser? Whatever, this is another extension of an existing feature, this time ‘globalising’ (globalizing?!) the pace tab. Enabling users to look at the impact of pace – or, more specifically, early run style – across a range of different scenarios, the major difference is the ability to review distance ranges rather than a specific race distance as is currently the case within the pace tab.

[N.B. These are test data currently, so the numbers are not reliable!]


Notes and Ratings

The big new ‘coming soon’, though perhaps the one with the most niche audience, is that we’ll be facilitating the creation and storage user defined notes and ratings.

In a few weeks’ time, those wishing to will be able to add notes for race meetings, individual races and individual runners; and to calculate ratings for entire fields based on the winner’s figure and a pounds/length multiplier. These data will be stored and visible in Full Form to the user. They will also be downloadable as csv for offline analysis.

In a later stage, we’ll incorporate timing information to enhance the sophistication and accuracy of our new ratings feature.

Of course, if this is not your bag, no dramas – the default result format will be as you see it now, i.e. none of the new bobbins in the image above.

Your first 30 days for just £1
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