SotD Update, 4th to 9th March 2019

After Friday’s runner became our 8th placer in a run of 11 losers, I was fearful of back to back whitewashes, but thankfully late on Saturday night, Treacherous was brave enough to stick his head out and score for us at Kempton.

It was a most welcome winner for me personally, after a really poor day of punting elsewhere and no doubt the 4/1 SP was welcome to all SotD readers, as it kept the weekly loss down to a single point after the frustrations we all went through earlier in the week.

The challenge as always is to convert the placers into winners, March hasn’t really taken off for us as yet, but we’re only 1 winner shy of at least breaking even and with 8 losing placers in the past fortnight, I’m sure we’re on the right tracks.

Business as usual this week, despite that jumping contest taking place in Gloucestershire, don’t expect too many Festival selections from me, as a 3/1 winner in a Class 5 handicap pays the same as one in the Gold Cup! The real challenge is just finding a winner at the right price, I’m not fussy where it comes from.

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Selections & Results : 04/03/19 to 09/03/19

04/03 : Arrowzone @ 4/1 BOG 11th at 7/1 
05/03 : Flood Defence @ 7/2 BOG 5th at 7/2
06/03 : Same Circus @ 10/3 BOG 2nd at 11/4
07/03 : Myplaceatmidnight @ 11/2 BOG 2nd at 3/1
08/03 : Darebin @ 4/1 BOG 3rd at 9/2
09/03 : Treacherous @ 3/1 BOG WON at 4/1

04/03/19 to 09/03/19 :
1 winning bet from 6 = 00.00% SR
P/L: -1.00pt

March 2019 :
1 winner from 8 = 12.50% SR
P/L: -3.00pts
ROI = -37.50%

2019 to date :
15 winners from 50 = 30.00% SR
P/L: +27.25pts
ROI = +54.50%

605 winners from 2228 = 27.15% S.R
P/L: +523.65pts
ROI: +23.50%

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