System Reviews : An Update and an Apology…

As most of you are aware, we review lots of commercial tipping services here on Geegeez, so that we can try before you buy!

The basic premise is that we review them, so you can see if they’re any good. If they are, we’ll say so (but we don’t recommend many, if I’m honest!) and we’ll show you how you can get involved.

If you sign up to a service via one of our highlighted links, we get a small commission from the vendor and this helps to fund the ongoing development of Geegeez, enabling us to keep our subscription fees as low as we possibly can. You are, of course, more than welcome to sign up for a service without using our links, but the prices are always the same :in fact some vendors let our readers join at reduced rates!

Anyway, enough waffle about why we review products and more about the reviews themselves. Basically we get free access to services for 90 days and my small band of trusty volunteers (yes, they do an amazing job for free!) report on the day’s tips/results each evening after racing has ended, enabling you to track the progress of those tipsters you might be interested in.

To be perfectly honest, I couldn’t run the review side of Geegeez without these reviewers, so I’d like to publicly thank them for their help.

Your first 30 days for just £1

My role is to source the reviews, get them set up on Geegeez, monitor them and do a monthly update on the first Wednesday of the month aka a state of play report and here’s where the apology comes!

Sadly, for various reasons, none of which I’ll bore you with today, I’ve let this side of the business slide and no updates were published in January, February or March and I must apologise for that, it’s not good form at all!

That said, I’ve attempted to redress the situation and I’ve spent a considerable amount of time in collating all the figures since December, setting up 9 new reviews and taking 3 more on for pre-review proofing and all the spreadsheets are now up to date!

January, February & March’s figures are all here on a separate page showing the progress (or lack of!) during the first quarter of the year and now…

…here is the current state of play (up to and including 2nd April)…

System Profit/Loss When? Days Monthly  Review ROI
Jakblak Racing £200.00 (at day 33) 33 £250.00 Click Here 46.51%
Trends Experts £169.35 (at day 23) 23 -£349.80 Click Here 2.81%
Place For Profit £73.00 (at day 33) 33 -£102.06 Click Here 4.55%
Racing Odds £60.00 (at day 16) 16 £60.00 Click Here 46.15%
Quentin Franks Racing £57.50 (at day 7) 7 £57.50 Click Here 17.42%
Anthony Moore £27.50 (at day 2) 2 £27.50 Click Here 39.29%
APP Lays £19.00 (at day 2) 2 £19.00 Click Here 95.00%
Simplicity Racing £0.00 (at day 2) 2 £0.00 Click Here 0.00%
Each Way Expert -£70.25 (at day 8) 8 -£70.25 Click Here -22.66%
Phoenix Racing -£140.00 (at day 9) 9 -£140.00 Click Here -45.16%
Most Recently Completed
The Wizard of Big Odds £1,443.55 (at day 90) 90 £0.00 Click Here 58.19%

As is normally the case, clicking a service’s name will direct you to their homepage, where you’ll find more info and no doubt be offered the opportunity to take out a subscription.

The above is pretty self explanatory, of course, but if anything’s unclear, feel free to ask. You’ll notice that all of the above are still in the early stages of their time with us, so I’ve no real guidance to give you, but if I was pushed to give you one to keep an eye, then I suppose it’s fairly obvious that Jakblak Racing might just be one of interest so far.

If there’s a product/service out there that you’d like me to review or that you think we should review, please do get in touch. Other than that, I’m done here for another month and I’ll leave you with another reminder that the next update will be here on 1st May, when I’m home from holiday!

Thanks for taking the time to read this today and sorry again about the break in service,


Your first 30 days for just £1
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