SotD Update, 24th to 29th June 2019

The rollercoaster ride continued for SotD this week as once again we veered from one extreme to the other. After hitting five winners and a runner-up from six picks last week, a run of 5 losers and a non-runner this week was frustrating to say the least, but if you’re doing anything based on stats, you have to expect things to continuously level themselves out.

That said, 4 of my 5 losers on the week made the frame, so we weren’t that far away from another decent run of results. The upshot is that we ended June with 8 winners (36.4% strike rate) and 16.75pts (76.1% ROI) profit, meaning that at half-time for 2019, out strike rate for the year is pretty much bang on the long-term (almost 8yrs now!) average : we ‘re probably 2 winners to the good on that score.

As for the profits, the ROI seems to be running a fair bit higher than I’d have imagined, so that suggests we’re getting better prices/value from our picks, or they’ve been drifting! Whichever way, I’m not complaining. To have clocked up almost 60pts in the first half of the year is really pleasing, but I’m unable to ease up : there’s a distinct possibility of a really good year for us, so that’s where I’m aiming.

Selections & Results : 24/06/19 to 29/06/19

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24/05 : Graceland @ 3/1 BOG 3rd at 2/1 
25/05 : Shamshon @ 11/2 BOG 3rd at 3/1
26/05 : Gone Platinum @ 3/1 BOG 2nd at 15/8
27/05 : Tammooz @ 3/1 BOG 3rd at 11/4
28/05 : Scale Force @ 7/2 BOG 7th at 3/1
29/06 : Super Kid @ 3/1 BOG non-runner

24/06/19 to 29/06/19 :
0 winning bets from 5 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -5.00pts

June 2019 :
8 winners from 22 = 36.36% SR
P/L: +16.75pts
ROI = +76.14%

2019 to date :
40 winners from 140 = 28.57% SR
P/L: +58.60pts
ROI = +41.86%

630 winners from 2316 = 27.20% S.R
P/L: +555.00pts
ROI: +23.96%

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