October Threebie-o-rama

It may very well not have escaped your attention that, as the flat winds down and the jumpers take their first seasonal steps, there is a melee of promotions for National Hunt betting services.

Many of these are well established perennial services offered by people I know personally. What follows is not necessarily a recommendation for any of those services, though the fact they’re mentioned on this site means I am confident in the reputability of the provider and the service level they work to. Actually, having witnessed first hand all three, what follows IS a recommendation for the paid services; but more than that it’s an encouragement to sample some excellent freeness and make up your own mind thereafter.

So… this is a single page highlighting three of the very best free offers which currently abound, and which might be of interest. If none of them are for you, no dramas; if all of them are, great. Whatever works for you. I just wanted to try to provide a single page rather than send a raft of emails.

[IMPORTANTThe links on this page are affiliate links. That means if you click through to a free download, and later buy a product or service from that provider, geegeez.co.uk will receive a commission. We’ll spend most of that on investing in writers and/or developing new bells and whistles for Geegeez Gold. I know you probably know that already, but I just want to be totally transparent]

OK, here we go:

Free All Weather Micro Systems Guide

Provided by: Festival Trends (Gavin Priestley)

A set of micro-angles for the all weather, but only from October to December (i.e. right now). As you’ll have guessed, this has kicked off already.

Your first 30 days for just £1

Results so far: 5624774138912121342691

22 runners, 5 winners +14 points

Download link


Ten To Follow for the Jumps Guide

Provided by: Cleeve Racing

A strong Irish focus to this list, and some of the better novices from last season. Should pay its way and offer plenty of top class interest through the National Hunt season.

Click the image below to download a copy:

Cleeve Racing's Jumps season Ten to Follow report


Alternative 20 to Follow Guide

Provided by: Narrowing The Field (Ben Aitken)

If you prefer taking a flyer on darker – much darker – horses, then Ben’s No Mullins/Elliott/Nicholls/Hendo score of horses will be of interest. There’s a really nice mix of ‘second tier’ trainers represented and you can add the horse names – and associated comments – straight into your Geegeez Tracker.

Download link


Your first 30 days for just £1
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