SotD Update, 23rd to 28th December 2019

A short and frustrating week, folks. Once again we were far happier with our picks than the actual results we achieved.

I picked Roll Again on Boxing Day and he was travelling really well until coming down, whilst yesterday I went with Tidal Flow who did absolutely nothing wrong, but was simply second best to an impressive winner on the day.

I was otherwise engaged in the North East on Boxing Day, so Matt stepped in with Classic Design on Friday, who made a mess of the start, went right, but still managed to be leading inside the final furlong. He’d possibly done too much to get to the front and was subsequently headed deep into that final furlong. Don’t, however, be fooled by his eventual 6th place finish, he really wasn’t that far off.

All of which means that it’s highly unlikely that we’ll post a profit for the month, unless I can end with a pair of 4/1 winners! It’s not inconceivable, but we should be realistic about these things. The very worst case scenario on the other hand is two more defeats, a loss of almost 10pts on the month and a final result of plus 35.5pts for the year.

As this is the last roundup of 2019, I’d like to thank you all for your continued support and encouragement in what has been a very frustrating and frankly disappointing year for me. A 35.5pts return might be considered decent from other “tipsters”, but it’s someway short of my own privately-set personal target (Matt/GGZ don’t set targets for me, I “work” free from such pressure : that’s the Geegeez way.) and I’ll expand a little more on that next weekend.

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Hoping for a better next two days, a better 2020 and that you all have a fantastic New Year.


Selections & Results : 23/12/19 to 28/12/19

23/12 : No Racing
24/12 : No Racing
25/12 : No Racing
26/12 : Roll Again @ 3/1 BOG fell at 3/1
27/12 : Classic Design @ 4/1 BOG 6th at 7/2
28/12 : Tidal Flow @ 7/2 BOG 2nd at 5/2

23/12/19 to 28/12/19 :
0 winning bet from 3 = 0.00% SR
P/L: -3.00pts

December 2019 :
3 winners from 20 = 15.00% SR
P/L: -7.84pts
ROI = -39.20%

2019 to date :
66 winners from 288 = 22.92% SR
P/L: +37.46pts
ROI = +13.00%

656 winners from 2464 = 26.62% S.R
P/L: +533.87pts
ROI: +21.67%

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